I love fantasy. I think that’s a well-established fact, especially if you see my Netflix suggestions and the books I have read or added to my TBR. It pains me that there are so few fantasy readers and authors in India. So obviously I had to read and review Arsh’s ebook A Meaningful Triumph.

Not a book review: A Meaningful Triumph

I cannot tell you how exciting it was to dive into this ebook. I don’t think I registered much in the beginning – I was so busy basking in the fact that I was reading a fantasy ebook released for the #BlogchatterEbook carnival. Then I had to remind myself to slow down and pay attention.

What I loved about the ebook was how the action keeps moving. There are twists at every juncture and just when you feel that Yuzi is safe, a trap is sprung. Even though Yuzi has the all-powerful Orbus Maximus in her possession, things do not come easy to her. She has to fight through her insecurities, fears and grief to reach where she does in the end. Of all the characters in the ebook, hers is the most fleshed out. You believe in her quest and want to see her succeed.

The world building was quite extraordinary as well. There are little details like:

You could think of any book, want to eat any food, it would be there. The room was a miniature world – with everything one could need.

Arsh has done a commendable job in researching battle strategies and weapons. At one point, I had to take a pause to Google katanas when Yuzi and Tera were selecting weapons of their choice after they passed the first stage of their training. Since I love sword lore that part was a delight to read.

Though the final fight wrapped up quickly, what happens after was quite unexpected. Throughout the ebook, I kept wondering at the title of the ebook – A Meaningful Triumph. It is in the last few chapters that the meaning behind the title comes out. It was unexpected where the triumph over Zyle leads Yuzi but it was also fitting.

Another thing I enjoyed about the ebook was that the chapters had titles. They heightened my anticipation of what was coming and let’s just say, the ebook was definitely a triumph!

Arsh please don’t stop writing fantasy. From one fantasy lover to another, we have to keep our tribe strong.

The ebook is available for free download here.

Photo by Henry Muljadi.

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