The thing I love about being a reader – or being a bookworm – is the bragging rights that come with it. You don’t find people bragging or congratulating someone for binging a series successfully. But say you finished a book in 24 hours and suddenly there will be people who will congratulate you and a bunch of others who will be jealous of your ability to concentrate on ONE thing for any duration of time.

Speaking of, I’m at 96% of my target for 2021! My digital library:

Suchita's #TBRChallenge
As declared, I’m a fantasy nerd!

A question I get asked by people who think my ability to read is akin to having a superpower is: how do you find the time. And it leaves me stumped because I have so many scathing retorts to that question that I’m rendered speechless.

So today we shall talk about questions you shouldn’t ask a bibliophile [you have been warned]:

How do you find the time to read – urm I make the time? Just like you make the time to binge a series?

Can you suggest a book – first up I need more variables, second up what if I suggest something and you don’t like it and I ruin the whole habit of reading for you? No that’s too much pressure. You know what, here’s a link of books, choose yourself. And no, I will not choose one for you. Gawd!

My brain when you ask me to suggest a book.
My brain when you ask me to suggest a book.

Do you skip pages – that secret is between God, my book and me and you’re not allowed to have that information.

How can you read such a fat book – stop it! Now because of you I’m questioning my own ability to read, even though only last week I finished a book fatter than this.

What are you reading – no, no, just don’t. Not unless you’re prepared to see me jump around the room, extolling all the virtues or vices of my current read. Not unless you’re prepared to pay your full attention while I’m going through the emotions of reading my current book.

Tell me how I can start reading more too – urm just like you’re committed to scrolling through social media, you need to be committed to reading and finishing a book. It’s not magic you know. I don’t wave a wand and viola the book is finished.

Why are you carrying a book – why are you carrying a phone?

Yes I love to read - stop asking me to justify my life choices.
Yes I love to read – stop asking me to justify my life choices.

How can you read in the noise – because the world fades away when I read. Did you say something? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention.

Are you still reading – why in the world would I stop? As I read, I’m already planning what I’ll read next!

Don’t you get bored of sitting in one place and reading all the time – what could possibly be more entertaining than a book where all the action happens inside your head?

Bragging rights aside, there is something indescribable about entering into a book, anticipation on high, nerves tingling and a smile on your face simply because you’re doing something that you love with your entire self.

What do you love about reading the most?

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33 thoughts on “Questions you should never ask a bibliophile

  1. Some great responses here. I also like “Why do you have to have so many books?”, like I’m hoping to constantly read the same novel over and over again.


  2. Popular questions that I shy away from answering. Try to keep those answers in my mind to satisfy/chase them away next time. 🙂


  3. Agree with you Suchita when you say, ‘… the world fades away when I read’. Every book is so engrossing that it engulfs you and vacuums you into its own world. And oh boy… the highs that one feels in that indulgence is just beyond comparison.


  4. Related to every word of this post. I think I’ll write my own post with my responses to these annoying questions!

    I loved the response to “Why are you carrying a book?”


  5. Reading is an immersive experience when the content is real good. Once you start reading, you get lost in the words, and the book’s story becomes your world…..that’s how engaging reading is. I am always a slow reader and love to enjoy it bit by bit…..:). And everybody has their own way of reading and enjoying it. Nice post Suchita.


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