In the deep of night
When the stars shine bright
In the early morn
As dew drops glitter
On a busy afternoon
I hear your heart’s song
Long forgotten…half remembered
A melody that dances
A memory that bursts forth.
On a balmy evening
As the sun bids its adieu
And the birds sing a farewell
I remember you.

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How watermelon got its seeds

A fruit so divine
Sweet, fresh and bursting
With a rotund figure to protect
The juicy inner
Could one truly enjoy the sweet
Without the taste of bitter?

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Two queens majestic and powerful
Bound by fate divine
Though they had never met
And would never meet in this corporeal realm
Their journeys intertwined
With the destinies of their kingdom
Where one would unbind her hair in victory and freedom
And the other in grief and lamentation
As one’s husband cut down the other’s,
Slaves as they were to their own purpose.

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I am (not) sorry

I am sorry I am not convenient

I am sorry I am not perfect

I am sorry everything I do gets on your nerves

I am sorry I am not the image you hold of me in your head

I am sorry for being a disappointment

I am sorry for being lazy, for struggling,

I am sorry for all my non-achievements.

But most importantly,

I am sorry for needing your approval

I am sorry for making you think you can achieve your goals through me

I am sorry you have a difficult life

I am sorry my idealism irritates you

I am sorry I don’t listen to you

I am sorry I hurt even when you try your hardest to protect me

I am sorry I go through identity crises, which you think are excuses

I am sorry you don’t understand

I am sorry our images of ‘who am I’ don’t match

And I am sorry but I have to find my own way, because or despite of you.