The blue-coloured stone

When I saw you
I knew that you were the one
It was early, yes
This was our first meeting
But we’d been talking
And the feeling had been sneaking up on me
Seeing you only made it real.
Then you smiled at me
And my world shifted
As it realigned itself
With you in the picture.

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Remember me

The first time we met
You helped destroy my cage
And though it was I who was holding you
It was you who was comforting me.

The second time we met
You dazzled me with your laugh
And showered me with attention
Reminding me that I was special too.

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The quest

Back to back we stood
You with your sword
Me with my hands raised
Calling upon the power of the Gods
As we faced our mortal enemies.

It did not matter I had been trapped in this tower
It did not matter you had once been my mortal enemy
It did not matter I had been on my way to my execution
Or that you had been on your way to execute me
In this fight, we were on the same side.

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Out brief candle

trigger warning: betrayal and suicide

I closed my heart a long time ago
when you left me for another
You said you won’t leave me
You said you’ll love me forever
You said I was yours and you were mine
All the while you were deceiving me
while I was falling in love with your lies.

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