Let’s paint the town red – or a heavily watered down red

As a child I was always decent at drawing and painting. I used to take classes and when you’re anywhere below 10 years old, arts and crafts as a hobby and subject are mightily supported by teachers, schools and the curriculum.

I stopped a long time back. But not until a conversation with an editor who was asking what I enjoyed did I realize I had nothing substantial to add apart from books and writing. It was a rude shock that I had zero hobbies since my hobby of reading and writing had turned into a job.

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Epiphanies and the places they can come from #MondayMusings

Listening to people talk, especially on a subject they are passionate about is something I enjoy. It is also a particular skill I’m proud of since it can lead to unexpected epiphanies.

For example, from a taxi driver I learnt that no job in this world is big or small; that it is easy to assume because you’re working hard you should reap rewards.

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Mama I killed a man

I woke up with a severe hangover. I made my way to the bathroom lazily. I glanced at the mirror wondering if I looked as terrible as I felt. I stood staring in horror at the grotesque skull grinning at me. It was one of those clean skulls, the kind you see in museums. As I moved closer, I heard the thin strains of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ start to play.

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The devil got me

I woke up feeling nauseous. As soon as the bile began to climb, I laid back down, breathing in through the nose, breathing out through the mouth. When it didn’t settle, I turned on the side and threw up the yellow, awful tasting liquid.

I sat up, head throbbing. Raising my hands in an attempt to hold it together, I noticed the blood. Recoiling with horror, pain lanced through my entire being.

You did it then, echoed a voice that at once sounded and didn’t sound like me.

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Finish the story collaboration – an introduction

When you are freshly off the Alexa high, you want to take a well-deserved break from writing and blogging. And then when someone sends you an email to onboard you for a fiction collaboration, what do you say but yes?

The concept is quite simple: each of the collaborators has written a story prompt and each of us has to write a tale of fiction (my favourite kind) and viola – you have yourself content for the blog!

My take on the prompts:

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