Happy two to my tales

Dear tales of Suchita,

It’s been two years since I started you without any plans and I am happy to report that streak continues still. I seem to bask in the glory of this unprepared creativity a lot but I am also happy to report that while I may not always be regaling you with my tales, I am regaling a word document with them.

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The blank page

It was the time of night when the heat finally dissipated into the air above and the dying embers slowly turned to a cool breeze that sent shivers up the foot that had the misfortune of straying out of that cozy blanket.

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What one year of blogging taught me about inspiration

Every time I would read a book, I would have only one wish – to meet the author and ask them where they found the inspiration to write what they wrote. As an inexperienced writer, I truly believed that inspiration was a goddess that visited only those who had been anointed by some special oil. And all I wanted to do was pick apart the brain of an author I admired and figure out how to do this writing thing.

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Who is a writer?

A writer is a vichitra (bizarre) human being. They claim that they have the best job in the world but there is no other who curses it more than them. They tell you they cannot imagine doing anything other than writing and if it is taken away from them, they would probably stop breathing. In the same breath though, they will tell you that they rue the day they decided to become writers.

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