Things they don’t tell you about writing

You would hope, think, assume that the hardest part of being a writer would be writing. In case you missed the heavy dose of sarcasm in that line, let me tell you, writing is the easiest part of being a writer!

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What one year of blogging taught me about inspiration

Every time I would read a book, I would have only one wish – to meet the author and ask them where they found the inspiration to write what they wrote. As an inexperienced writer, I truly believed that inspiration was a goddess that visited only those who had been anointed by some special oil. And all I wanted to do was pick apart the brain of an author I admired and figure out how to do this writing thing.

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Who is a writer?

A writer is a vichitra (bizarre) human being. They claim that they have the best job in the world but there is no other who curses it more than them. They tell you they cannot imagine doing anything other than writing and if it is taken away from them, they would probably stop breathing. In the same breath though, they will tell you that they rue the day they decided to become writers.

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The Anatomy of a Blog Post

Since #MyFriendAlexa kicked off, I have been trying really hard to stick to a schedule of posting every Tuesday and Saturday. I had thought that would give me enough time to think and I’ll also get back to regular posting. Since I have replaced the words motivation and inspiration with discipline in my writing vocabulary, this set scheduling is perfect. But things have their way of working out, which is rarely working out according to plan.

Here is a glimpse of the writing process:

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Why do I write?

Since the middle and the end of the A to Z Challenge, I have been seriously contemplating the question Рwhy do I write? I know how I started writing. Heck I even wrote a post about my journey as a writer Lekhak ki yatra but why did I choose this profession? Why out of all the dreams my 18 year old self had, this is the one dream I am earnestly pursuing?

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