#Ebook release with Blogchatter

Good news good news good news!

I am the pride owner of a brand new, fresh off the internet press Ebook! My very own…my own…my…precious.

It is a short story – don’t let the page count fool you; I was feeling extra so I reduced the page size – about rediscovering who you are and what it means to be happy. All this around the ever present sea.

To download for FREE click: Mayank – Suchita Agarwal

If my enthusiasm has moved you into downloading and further into actually reading, I’d love to know your thoughts and feedback.

Thank you!


The morning breeze woke up Lola from her deep slumber. She was feeling incongruously safe and well-rested. When she turned to see what the gunslinger was up to, she wasn’t surprised to see him with his back to her, staring into the distance.

“What is it?” she asked, her voice coming out as a croak. She wasn’t used to so much dust.

“We will be in trouble soon,” he said nonchalantly, handing her a water skin to drink from.

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One couldn’t find two siblings more different than Romeo and Romilla Beaumort. Where Romeo had always been the softer, calmer one, Romilla had been the quintessential wild child. Where Romeo was more interested in living the easy life, he could never understand his sister’s fascination with guns, violence and bloodshed. The only saving grace for the brother-sister had been their parents who had allowed their children to grow as they had wanted.

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Urmilla: Part I

Urmilla sat through the meeting in a daze, not really grasping the meaning of the words that were being said. If some passer-by thought that she was asleep, no one would blame them.

It had been a normal morning…or as normal as could be expected for someone whose sister had just died. She vaguely remembered the morning, and the memory of her getting dressed for this meeting was even fainter. She did, however, remember a single instruction, given out in a precise but cold tone, ‘dress appropriately.’ And she had. She looked every bit the part of a mourning sister – white sari with a conservative gold border and a pair of dark shades that hid her curiously dry eyes. She wondered idly if people could see through the sham.

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Yolanda looked at herself in the full length mirror, the only luxury she and her father had allowed her. Her green floor-length dress was faded in the way clothes get when they have been washed too many times in the briny sea water. It was unadorned and unfashionable. She added a bright yellow apron on the dress and suddenly, her appearance didn’t look as shabby as before.

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“Carlos…it is still Carlos right?”

After a startled pause, he said curtly, “You knew my father.”

This was a complication he hadn’t foreseen. Carlos wasn’t here out of choice. He had been ordered by Munster to collect the man named Xenos, though considering it meant ‘stranger,’ Carlos wondered just who or what this man was. All that Carlos knew was that the man was a legend.

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When the saints go marching in

He thrust it in…it was so deep. He had no idea that a body could accommodate so much. As it hit the right spot, she started to convulse, her face contorting, her mouth opening in a silent scream. And just as soon as it had started, the convulsing stopped; the face stopped contorting and her eyes fluttered close. A puff of breath escaped her sensuously parted lips and she looked peaceful.

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Romeo couldn’t sleep. Even though he knew they were safe, for the night at least, he couldn’t bring himself to close his eyes. Every time he did, he heard the gunshots. Every time he came close to falling asleep, the terror of losing Hunter and thus their only protection from the Eastwood family, made him gasp awake.

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Her back to the wall, she clutched her heart as she willed it to return to its normal rhythm. Taking deep breaths, she said soothing words to calm her frazzled nerves. Once her breath had returned to normal, she peeked into her son’s bed and heaved a sigh of relief to see him peacefully asleep.

She sank onto the floor and started to cry. “No…stop Nina,” she said to herself. But the adrenaline that had been pumping through her blood was wearing off and the tears of shock and relief burned her eyes. She allowed herself to cry but for only a minute.

She then stood up to her full height and made a promise to herself…she promised herself that she would never let anything happen to her son. She would keep him safe and away from the big bad mean world.

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