10 things that happen when you’re a foodie

Well I love food, that’s no secret and I have friends and family that loves food – which is why I talk to them, obviously. In a previous post I had mentioned how I wanted to start a food series but it never took off because for a food series you need photos and I’m usually so impatient to get the food in my mouth, I can’t wait long enough to click one.

But that does not mean I can’t write about food! So if you’re a foodie, or know someone who’s a foodie or simply want to read a post about the joys of being a foodie, read on!

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Of memories, bravery and rules

Today’s prompt was hard to choose – not because they weren’t good but because I couldn’t get my brain to conjure a story around any. I tried to write an interpretation for the quote but it felt rather inconsequential.

While trying to think of a theme for a work related post, Harry Potter came into the picture (because let’s be honest, every conversation where it comes into the picture is a good conversation) and I told them that I grew up with Harry Potter – when HP6 came out I was 16. One of our schoolmates had stood in line and bought a book and then brought it to school! Oh the ruckus that created – like getting to touch that book hours after its release would anoint us somehow with magic and…sigh those were good days.

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Food glorious food

Some of my fondest memories have an element of food attached to them. In fact I have managed to find a food angle to some of my disastrous memories as well. Is it any wonder when one of my favourite quotes perfectly captures two of my favourite pastimes – eating and thinking:

“Indian thought while valuing thought also values food. Food is nourisher, healer as well as happiness provider. Thought maybe god but food is the goddess. One cannot exist without the other.” Sita, Devdutt Patnaik

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10 things that happen when you’re on the wrong side of 25

The first time you’re told you are ‘now an adult’ is probably when you turn 16. By the time you’re 18, you are so ready to leave the word ‘child’ behind and step into the mesmerizing world of adulthood. When you hit 21 you realize what a mirage adulthood is and you secretly start to wish you were back in school. You cannot believe the problems that had felt insurmountable to you back then feel uncomplicated when compared to what you’re dealing with now (like which shampoo to buy or what is a good detergent).

It isn’t until you turn 26 that it suddenly hits you that okay now you’re definitely an adult. It’s like a switch that goes on and anyone younger whether by a year or five starts to feel tedious and too energetic. It it here that you realize you are now only going to get older and not younger. And to celebrate, here are 10 more such epiphanies:

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10 things that happen when you work from home

So I have been working from home – freelancing – or as I like to call it – working – for about 2 years now. If you translate this into real-time, it means I am just about floating thanks to the generosity of a lot of people.

If you are blinded by the rosy picture of working from home, let me present to you the flip side so you can make an informed decision. Unless you’re like me who doesn’t care what other people have to say about how difficult it can be and would rather find it out for yourself and then later curse why you couldn’t have just listened to the blog post that was trying to save you from yourself, then go ahead and skip this.

Here goes nothing:

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It’s my one year blogiversary!

On this day, a year ago, I decided I would start my blog. Enough people had told me to start one considering I had author dreams and enough people had looked at me with disdain when I had said, “No I am not a blogger; just a writer.”

The time had come to have a space with my name on it and stop hiding my writing in countless word documents.

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Health and Shenanigans

I am fat so you can imagine that everyone – EVERYONE – has an opinion on my health, fitness, eating habits and what I can / should do or not do. But thanks to my prickly personality, the only person who gets to hear these opinions is my mother and not me.

Since I had a health crisis two years ago though, I have started to take this business of health rather seriously. And since I have spent more than a year under the supervision of a trainer, I feel uniquely qualified to impart this knowledge.

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