In case you don’t know where to begin navigating, here is a helpful guide:

Anecdotes – Where I regale you with personal stories that are lavishly embellished with half-truths and lies.

Short Stories – My pièce de résistance and the only reason this blog exists.

A to Z Challenge – All posts and rants related to the ultimate daily blogging challenge.

Write.Ok.Please – Inspired by ‘Horn.Ok.Please’ written behind all Indian trucks, these chronicle my writing shenanigans.

Poetic Stories – Since I don’t know the r of rhythm, these are my humble attempts at poetry writing. If by some fluke they do have a rhythm, it is because my mother has tampered with them.

Series – If you are looking for longer reads:

  1. What’s your story?
  2. The Adventures of Radha
  3. The Chronicles of Shades and Abhor