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Personal stories that are lavishly embellished with half-truths, lies and some wisdom.

Short Stories

My pièce de résistance and the only reason this blog exists.


Inspired by ‘Horn.Ok.Please’ written behind all Indian trucks, these chronicle my writing shenanigans.

Poetic Stories

My humble attempts at poetry writing. If by some fluke they have a rhythm, it is because my mother has tampered with them.

Reading Tales

For the love of books, periodically interspersed with *not* book reviews.


An online record of all ways in which I have grown as a person.

Myths & Legends

26 myths and legends inspired by Greek and Indian myths and Shakespeare.


A 26-part story chronicling the adventures of Radha, a 13-year-old boy.

Shades & Abhor

An 8-volume superhero story that is inspired from Marvel and Tolkien.