In case you don’t know where to begin navigating, here is a helpful little guide:

Anecdotes – where I regale you with personal stories that are lavishly embellished with half-truths and lies

Short Stories – my pièce de résistance and the only reason this blog exists

Poetic Stories – since I don’t know the r of rhythm, these are my humble attempts at poetry writing. If by some fluke they do have a rhythm, it is because my mother has tampered with them

Reading Tales – it didn’t feel right to not have a section on books – even though I have made very few entries in this category

Urmilla – a four-part story that follows Urmilla, who has always played second fiddle to her older, more famous sister. But when this sister unexpectedly dies, Urmilla decides to fulfill her last wish. She embarks on a journey that teaches her nothing is as simple as it seems

Write.Ok.Please – chronicling my writing shenanigans