Stay or Go

Without the baggage of the ol’ man, Hunter had been able to utilize his stealth to the fullest. Once he had seen Romeo being carried to the house Lola was trapped in, he knew it didn’t have the force he had previously assumed. It also meant this wasn’t the final destination. It was more of a rest stop – for what he didn’t know.

The realization that he had been hiding from a phantom force had made him angry. But he had managed to keep it in check. He was now hiding in the forest, taking advantage of the night and the fact that the two people who should still be worried about him were probably nursing Romeo.

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Self destruct in 3…2…

I think I have figured out why self annihilation is so appealing – it is always easier to start afresh, wipe the slate clean, start from scratch. It may take more effort and time, and there are no guarantees that you’ll succeed this time, but it is easier to erase the board than to find your mistake and fix it.

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The old man

An old man sat at a desk, his head buried into his chest, eyes closed and arms crossed across a bloated tummy. His legs were crossed too. Lips pouted in concentration, reading glasses held precariously on the nose, soft snores could be heard coming from his being. His clothes were rumpled, mismatched and faded.

The desk was empty, not because the man was fastidious in such matters. It was empty because he didn’t have anything to do; which would also explain why he was dozing in the middle of a sultry afternoon.

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She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel securely around herself. Before exiting the bathroom, she rechecked that all the curtains were tightly drawn. Leaving the bathroom door ajar to light the otherwise dim room, she padded across her bedroom and sat on the bed with a sigh. It wasn’t a happy sigh, nor was it relieved or sad – just an in-between space.

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On Expressing Love

I am a writer. Words are my tool. The great world beyond my raw material and a blank page my mortal enemy and best friend. I can make worlds out of nothingness, take you on an adventure and occasionally even make you laugh.

But writing is a solitary and isolating exercise. Even with all these tools, I don’t know how to express love.¬†And until now, I didn’t know I have taken the advice – show don’t tell – so seriously. I believe in showing my love and support – not telling it. And consequently, my characters suck at expressing their love.

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