The silence was in three parts

The silence was in three parts. First was the absence of humans and the noises they inevitably make while shuffling in the house, going about their daily business, knocking into things, knocking over things, announcing their presence at various intervals to ensure the household did not forget.

The second was the ambient silence. Where usually the cars and the buses, horns, children singing, could be heard wafting through the open windows, it was now all silent – like someone had turned down the volume.

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10 things that happen when you’re a foodie

Well I love food, that’s no secret and I have friends and family that loves food – which is why I talk to them, obviously. In a previous post I had mentioned how I wanted to start a food series but it never took off because for a food series you need photos and I’m usually so impatient to get the food in my mouth, I can’t wait long enough to click one.

But that does not mean I can’t write about food! So if you’re a foodie, or know someone who’s a foodie or simply want to read a post about the joys of being a foodie, read on!

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The detective’s apprentice

“Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is Sherlock Homes. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me solve a rather sticky situation.”

Mrs. Agarwal rolled her eyes and hollered for Radha. She handed him the phone and said, “This is getting out of hand.”

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Bonus time

I’m dying – let’s get that out of the way right from the outset. And before we go any further, let’s set some ground rules. A. I don’t do pity. I’m dying, get over it, I know I am. B. Don’t start a sentence with ‘have you tried…’ I don’t need no saviour. If the doctors can’t help me, what hope can you have? C. Well if you can follow rules A and B, then we can be friends.

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Of memories, bravery and rules

Today’s prompt was hard to choose – not because they weren’t good but because I couldn’t get my brain to conjure a story around any. I tried to write an interpretation for the quote but it felt rather inconsequential.

While trying to think of a theme for a work related post, Harry Potter came into the picture (because let’s be honest, every conversation where it comes into the picture is a good conversation) and I told them that I grew up with Harry Potter – when HP6 came out I was 16. One of our schoolmates had stood in line and bought a book and then brought it to school! Oh the ruckus that created – like getting to touch that book hours after its release would anoint us somehow with magic and…sigh those were good days.

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And thereby hangs a tale

I sat there, staring outside at the misty road, the bustling populous, the colourful umbrellas as everyone tried to go about their day despite the downpour. The cozy cafe would have you believe it was a warm summer day but just a glance outside would tell you it was cold and wet and dreary.

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Food glorious food

Some of my fondest memories have an element of food attached to them. In fact I have managed to find a food angle to some of my disastrous memories as well. Is it any wonder when one of my favourite quotes perfectly captures two of my favourite pastimes – eating and thinking:

“Indian thought while valuing thought also values food. Food is nourisher, healer as well as happiness provider. Thought maybe god but food is the goddess. One cannot exist without the other.” Sita, Devdutt Patnaik

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