The sun finally rose after the tower of my ego fell; it is true what they say of rising stronger from the ashes.

Positivity and a sense of purpose are strong elixirs. I may have lost my way but I wasn’t irredeemable and the shining sun was proof that there was work to be done; that I had passed the test and now was the time to rebuild.

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What’s your story?

While taking an e-course on demystifying the Tarot, the creator of the course, Shinjini, urged the course takers to describe their journey so far with the help of the major arcana cards. She said it would help us to better understand what each card meant and how to interpret these cards.

I loved the idea and quickly pulled out 9 cards which seemed to explain my journey quite well. Since I was looking for writing inspiration for January, I decided to convert those cards into a story of its own.

And so I wrote my interpretations of what and how each card represented my life.

  1. Death
  2. Fool
  3. High Priestess
  4. Sun
  5. Wheel of Fortune
  6. Hanged Man
  7. Hermit
  8. Devil
  9. The Tower

The stories are presented non-linearly and I hope you enjoy reading them.

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Health and Shenanigans

I am fat so you can imagine that everyone – EVERYONE – has an opinion on my health, fitness, eating habits and what I can / should do or not do. But thanks to my prickly personality, the only person who gets to hear these opinions is my mother and not me.

Since I had a health crisis two years ago though, I have started to take this business of health rather seriously. And since I have spent more than a year under the supervision of a trainer, I feel uniquely qualified to impart this knowledge.

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Between the shadow and the soul

As the shadow protects and hides
Does the soul reveal and attack
Where shadows show false but safe paths
The soul takes on dangerous journeying.

To hear the alluring music of shadow
Or the embittered words of the soul
Should one not regroup in the shadows
So the soul may battle again in the morrow?

Between the shadow and the soul
Lies the extent of the human war
To go one way or the other
Is the sum of all experience.

For December, I will be writing stories based on prompts I have gotten from friends, family, friends of friends and some generous people on Twitter. Thank you Saumya for this prompt.

The smell of Christmas

Romi ran through security, clutching her purse and crushing her boarding pass in the bargain. She had never done this before – been so late for a flight – but the stupid, son-of-a-bitch boss could not be bothered with making his point quickly. This after she had told him a bajillion times she had a flight to catch that evening.

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