Hello world!

Not all of you may get the reference here but for anyone who has ever attended a Computer class in middle school knows that when you’re learning a computer language, the first message you send out is always hello world. I wonder who those programmers are saying hello to…to the Cyber Gods most likely.

I am a writer and content creator. At different times, I have been a teacher, an agency recruit, a master’s degree holder, and a social media executive. All work as secret identities for my plan to takeover the literary world…one post, one manuscript, one book deal at a time. What I love above all else are desserts, reading and learning.

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Thank you and see you around.

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Hunter has always been a lone wolf…until the kid entered his life. Trying to keep her safe has become his life’s purpose until she is kidnapped from right under his nose. Taking on an unexpectedly violent turn, Hunter races against Lincoln who is bent on extracting revenge. Will he be able to save Lola? Or will Lincoln’s vendetta destroy him and the kid?

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