AtoZ has to be my favourite blogging challenge and ever since I started blogging in 2017, I have been participating in it. This is my sixth year and after the mistake I made in 2017 – where I didn’t know what a theme reveal was and had to do “stories” because I couldn’t think of anything else – I have always had a well-thought out theme.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you just how obsessed I am with AtoZ – my planning begins in January and by end of February, my posts are more or less written. I do this over-planning because AtoZ will be incomplete if I don’t read what others are writing. So I use April to read other people and see how creatively they interpret the alphabets.

For 2022, I wanted to revisit my 2017 theme so I’m going to call it: without prearrangement. Which is just fancy speak for randomly listing down titles and then forcing my brain to come up with something even half coherent.

This time I’m going to reveal my titles now. I have heard mixed reviews of whether this works to entice the reader to come back but hey, I’m experimenting so why not.

  1. The Amethyst Library – fiction
  2. Over a bottle of chenin blanc – fiction
  3. The cashmere sweater – poem
  4. Not a book review: the picture of Dorian Gray – books
  5. Earl Grey – fiction
  6. These are a few of my favourite songs – anecdote
  7. So long, farewell, I have to say goodbye – anecdote
  8. Hickory Dickory Dock – fiction
  9. Icecream – Hindi poem
  10. Joys that alu can bestow – Hindi poem
  11. Kheer – anecdote
  12. Mind your language – essay
  13. Midnight blue citrus – fiction
  14. Night – poem 
  15. The other side of creativity – essay
  16. Reading tales: Pride and Prejudice – books
  17. Queer romances vs Straight romances – essay
  18. Reading tales: The House in the Cerulean Sea – books
  19. Sway with me – anecdote
  20. Theatre – anecdote 
  21. The lost urn – fiction
  22. Veni vidi vici – writing
  23. Do you really need a writing style? – writing
  24. Show don’t tell – my thoughts on the writing aXiom – writing
  25. And it was all yellow – a bookish roundup – books
  26. How to beat the cultural zeitgeist – essay

I’ll see you in April!

Connecting this post to #BlogchatterA2Z. You can register for it here.

Previous attempts:

2018: A story about the adventures of Radha – a 13-year-old wannabe apprentice to Sherlock Holmes
2019: My version of Myths and Legends
2020: 26 Letters of Love – poems on and about love
2021: A story about the travelling librarian

Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels

17 thoughts on “#BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal 2022: without prearrangement

  1. This is innovative. I am looking forward to your posts.
    I have been participating in the challenge since 2018.
    This time, I am not confining myself to any theme.
    Shall blog about random stuff as days go by.
    Hopefully you will drop by and the posts will be something you can relate to. 🙂
    See you in April.
    — Pradeep |

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  2. I always enjoy reading your A to Z posts Suchita. This year you’re coming with so much! Eagerly waiting. All the best for the challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Suchita. Last year I skipped the reading part, only somehow finished writing the 26 posts. Due to some reason, I couldn’t share them regularly. But this year I am preparing from now. Looking forward.

        Liked by 1 person

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