I read a tweet recently that said: I miss the rawness of people’s emotions that came out during the pandemic. Where everyone was sharing how fucked up their mental health had become, how stressed they were, blurring of home-gender-work lines, etc. Now that things are settling and opening up, people have gone back to running after things and showing the finger to the pandemic and perhaps to themselves that everything is peachy and they’re going to live their dreams again.

So I thought before the year ends, I will do a little thought experiment. I have made a Google form for it too so you know how serious I am! There are two simple questions on the form:

Q1. Who are you?
Q2. What’s the one thing you do for your mental health everyday?

Click on the image to go to the form

Through the first question, I want to know if there’s a certain way that the majority of us see ourselves and through the second question, I want to show you how little things, done every day, can have profound impact on our health.

Since this is a thought experiment, it does not really have an end goal unless I have had some responses and I’m able to deduce some insights from it. Considering the last time I did an experiment where I completely failed to describe a control question on which my entire hypothesis was based, clearly I cannot fail too terribly.

And even if this fails, as I told my team members while telling them about my little project, I’ll write posts on that. I’m all about embracing the flaws right now *insert emoji of choice*

So please, fill the form, and let me know what you think.

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