I don’t like the term work life balance. It pits work against life: as if you don’t need work to have a life. Or you don’t spend the maximum number of mind space on work, even when you’re supposedly living. It makes you want to strive for an ideal you’re not even sure is possible to reach. And the fact you can’t makes you feel inadequate.

I was studying the science of happiness and there I learnt that there was a difference between living a meaningful life and living a happy life. For example, being an activist can help you lead a meaningful life but it’s not always happy because of all the obstacles that come in your way. But if you really think about it, there is a very fine line between what makes life meaningful and what makes it happy. On some days, reading a book is only about happiness. On other days, when that same book teaches you a lesson, it turns into something meaningful. On a few days, when you’re unable to find time to read or unable to concentrate, it can turn into a frustrating activity.

And in the words of the ever-amazing Zoya Akhtar in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, work is a part of your life. They’re not apart. Then how in holy hell can you balance these two things? Some days you use life to escape work and on other days you use work to escape life. They’re essential parts of each other.

I think what happens is, we, as professionals, tend to put our happiness on hold. We wait for ‘when I finish this project, I’ll celebrate’ or ‘Saturday I’ll have a drink’ or ‘Over the weekend, I’ll give 1 hour to this new hobby I’m trying to cultivate because I need to use the weekend to also finish my chores that I didn’t finish during the week.’ And then on Sunday night, we always feel like we have wasted another weekend.

This was one of my first lessons when I started working from home – of not waiting for something to happen to justify my happiness. I stopped waiting for the weekend to meet up with my friends. I stopped waiting for the weekend to watch a movie. I stopped waiting for a Friday to be happy, to learn something, to write, or do anything that filled my day with happiness.

It’s not easy, obviously. Sometimes you have weeks when your life is filled with nothing but work and you want to run away. There’s the flip side where you have no work and you feel stupidly unproductive. Then there are the ideal days when your work day gets over earlier than usual.

On such days, sometimes I do nothing – I just lie on the bed and let myself be lazy. Sometimes, I’ll do my chores. Other times, I’ll learn something. It’s one of the reasons my boss thinks I have more hours in my day than she [she calls it my international date line]; but then she’s running a business and I’m an employee. I can afford to goof off more than she.

Once on a Thursday when dad wanted to do an impromptu party, he said, “Maybe we should wait until tomorrow – or Saturday?” and mom said, “But you want to party today. So let’s party today.”

During the pandemic, we as a family too learnt that it was okay to celebrate for the heck of it on a Monday just because one of us felt like celebrating. And we had to learn this fast because all our birthdays and anniversaries get done between November and March. How do we celebrate then in June?

Life is not what happens beyond your work. Life is happening now. How you divide it to include things that matter to you [and yes work forms a part of this, even if you’re working only to earn money and not because you’re deeply passionate about selling cars] is what ensures it’s in balance.

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27 thoughts on “Work life balance is a scam #MondayMusings

  1. You’re right. They are days when we wish to be done with work so that we can get back to our personal matters. There are days when we use work to get away from them too. There are days when the personal matters cloud your mind and affect your work and vice-versa too. And you’re right – we shouldn’t wait till the weekend to enjoy life. We should snatch moments of happiness whenever we get the chance. I loved this post!

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  2. Yes, working in Corporates for a long part of my career, I have come across this term so very often and then found out that it means nothing in most of the cases. It’s completely up to us how we wish to go about work and life. The crux of it is that if we enjoy life, then we must also enjoy work, because without loving what you do, everything becomes the same. Nice reading your post.

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  3. I agree work life balance is a myth. They are two sides of the same coin as success and failure. You cannot wait for the right time to do right thing.. Now is the right time so do the right thing.

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  4. I think it should be home/family vs work/interests/me-time. I struggle to balance: managing a home, a kid especially in the current situation when the kid is bored staying home and missing going to school. It’s kind of challenging to keep the child engaged n entertained. Plus I badly need my silence/solitude or else I get cranky.

    It’s a thoughtful post. The ‘reading books’ example is bang on!


  5. I love the way you’ve put work life balance into perspective. Waiting for a better occasion often tends to ruin it’s meaning and joy. Why wait for happiness?


  6. I completely agree. And when you find something you love and that becomes your work, we don’t really feel the need to ‘balance’ work and life because there’s hardly any difference. Like they say, a soldier is never off duty. Only here it is passion and we don’t need to break free from that. And you’re right we wait to much ‘for things to get better’ or ‘for the weekend’ etc., etc. We should live now!
    This is a great read, Suchita. Also, love the title.

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  7. This is a very clever analysis. Life and work and everything else related to an individual fall in the same basic category. A person’s life is what a person is all about. Well written. 🙂


  8. I love this post. I think life balance is very much a state of mind. It’s about dissolving the boundaries between work and play, purpose and responsibility, etc and going with the flow a little more. When everything feels like a struggle – to me that’s a sign you’re trying to force something which invariably doesn’t need to be. Let go a little and celebrate on a Thursday if you feel like it. Great post 🙏


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