Even after 4 years of blogging and being a marketer, the person I cannot market is myself. So I thought I’d write about the Blogging Commandment: Thou shalt promote thyself. Consequently, this post is only going to be about me.

Or more accurately, about the 2 ebooks that I have on KDP.

Book 1 started as a blogpost for the alphabet G during the AtoZ challenge in 2017. I had just finished reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and Roland Deschain was still swirling around in my head. The blogpost was like my ode to the character and the creator. But soon, it grew horns, roots and wouldn’t leave me alone.

It’s a novella of about 28k words and I’m so god damn proud of it because it was the first longish thing I wrote that came together despite me making zero plans for it. I had released it as part of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival in 2019 before putting it on KDP. I still have a screenshot of how Sona had reacted to the ebook. It had made me laugh-cry because I had been sure my ebook would receive no reviews since it was a western but also a love story between a child and her father. And then she went one step ahead and reviewed it on her blog – adding excerpts from MY ebook *faints theatrically* My favourite line from her review is:

There is a wit that shines through the narration. 

Read Sona’s review of The Gunslinger | Buy The Gunslinger

Book 2 was a result of experimentation and another AtoZ challenge, this time of 2020. Poems and that too about love – two things I was not good at and yet I managed to write 26 poems on the subject. I couldn’t stop laughing with glee when I finally published the 26th poem.

That’s when I thought I’d like to compile a poetry book of my own. What really pushed me into taking the plunge was a comment I had got from one of the readers:

I was in for a surprise of a lifetime when I saw my ebook as a post on Leha’s Instagram. And then I came to know she had written an entire blogpost on my ebook. There is a paragraph in her review which is made up of the titles of the poems in the ebook which is my favourite:

Read between the pages, dive into the chasm, do you feel love is everything but yours? Is it a jar full of promises that your inner circle gifted you with, a lighthouse to guide you, reassuring you that you’ll never be alone? Is love a brief candle making that blue-coloured stone you hold so dear shine, do you feel love underneath your skin, does love remind you of someone you used to know, or does it make you get up and dance?

Read Leha’s review of 23 Letters of Love | Buy 23 Letters of Love

PS: Both ebooks are free if you’re on Kindle Unlimited. I hope you’ll give them a read!

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.

24 thoughts on “I, Me, Myself

  1. I remember the letters of love during the A2Z challenge. I had read all of them and I loved them. In fact, I remember suggesting that you turn them into an e-book. You deserve all those comments and more. And congrats on promoting yourself so beautifully 😀


  2. Goodness, I do remember the first book, The Gunslinger! I was amazed that with all the other things going on, you were able to write this pretty great book! I shall read your poems (if I can find them), remembering their history! 😛 Thanks for the links to Sona and Leha’s reviews – I remember reading Sona’s that year.

    Liked by 1 person

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