The dream is be whatever you want to be.

The journey begins on wobbly feet but one day the wings unfurl. Encouragement comes with a stick and before long, you realize you didn’t read the terms and conditions of the dream.

That’s how torment introduces itself. Gradually, gently until it is the only thing you know.

When it recedes, beguiling you into letting your guard down, you look for an escape. As you race through the corridors, you realize your part in the torment, for there’s no victor without a victim.

The cycle now complete, the torment consumes you again.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.

14 thoughts on “Torment – a micro tale

  1. There’s a catch everywhere, hidden, camouflaged. Dare to dream, they say. I guess we have to decide if it’s worth it or not. But then again, the question arises, how can a dream you dream from your heart not be worth it… Beautifully written Suchita.

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