I wrote The Travelling Librarian in 2019 and thought it would be one of those posts I wrote that would get lost in the volume of short fictions written every day on the digital space. But to my intense surprise, not only did the post get views, most of the comments asked me if I was planning a sequel. There were also comments on extending the universe of Mr. Chubs.

I obviously had no plans. The story came to me as an homage to something I read in a book – a girl asks a boy tell me a story and he launches into one – I don’t even remember which book this was. But the comments got me thinking and as I’m known to plan my AtoZ right from January, I thought why not.

So my theme for 2021 is going to be a revisit to Mr. Chubs’ world. This time not only is he telling stories but we’ll also find out his secrets, lies and why he became a travelling librarian. The planning for this one was super easy but there is a lethargy while writing these posts in advance. I’m hopeful that this theme reveal will be the push I need to plan my 26 posts and give Mr. Chubs a satisfying story.

See you in April!

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Previous attempts at AtoZ:

  1. 2018: A story about the adventures of Radha – a 13-year-old wannabe apprentice to Sherlock Holmes
  2. 2019: My version of Myths and Legends
  3. 2020: 26 Letters of Love – poems on and about love

Chapter 1A night under the stars

Chapter 2 – The benevolent king

Chapter 3Caravan of performers

Chapter 4 – A difficult bargain

Chapter 5 – The edge of danger

Chapter 6 – Of fights and cowardice

Chapter 7 – Friendship given, friendship accepted

Chapter 8How the tables turn

Chapter 9 – A nest of intrigue

Chapter 10 – Who won the jousting match

Chapter 11 – When life knocks you down

Chapter 12 – Love, loss and loneliness

Chapter 13Misery hates company

Chapter 14Nairobi

Chapter 15On and on it goes

Chapter 16 – And poof…it all goes away

Chapter 17Quite the quandary

Chapter 18 – A time of rest and reconnection

Chapter 19Strength is found among friends

Chapter 20 – The talking painting

Chapter 21Unhappy neighbours

Chapter 22Victory dance

Chapter 23We are gods

Chapter 24 – No eXits

Chapter 25 – How the mightY fall

Chapter 26 – From zigzag to a full circle

17 thoughts on “#AtoZ Theme Reveal 2021: The Travelling Librarian

  1. Wow! Preparing in January? Impressive. I’m a lastminute.com kinda writer:)
    Now that I’m familiar with your theme–I hope to dive into your stories bit by bit.


  2. loved the ideas you have used for the themes, makes me want to plan my next attempt at the A2z challenge better. This time it’s more of just getting random pieces together.


  3. This is an adorable theme and always piques interest in all the book lovers out there. Looking forward to your beautiful posts. Best wishes Suchita.


    1. The trick of AtoZ is to plan well in advance, to write posts in March so all you have to do is publish in April. And you can always schedule posts πŸ™‚ I would say go for it. It’s a ride like no other.

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