By the time the idea for writing my manuscript came to me, I had read all writing related articles and had a fair handle on how to go about plotting, sketching, planning and writing my manuscript. I also kept reminding myself, quite firmly, one of the best advices that MP ever gave me: don’t edit while you write.

I thought I was prepared for what would happen next.

Spoiler alert – I wasn’t!

Time to take a break from gyaan again and talk about things they don’t tell you about writing a manuscript…

it’ll consume you and you won’t be able to function or participate in everyday life. You will face at least 11 writer’s blocks and 1500 convictions that you’re pathetic, that your writing is subpar at best and ‘doesn’t this sound like that book I read. Oh my god am I copying!’

am writing

You’ll be reading a lot less and this may cause you some anxiety since every rule EVER says to be a good writer, you need to read a lot. And you won’t care about its marketability or readership while you’re deep in the throes of writing.

Some days you’ll be happily surprised by what you have written. On other days you’ll be proud of what you’re writing. This will be so shocking you’ll need a minute to recover. 

am writing

You will deviate from that outline. Plot develops, expands, evolves as you write. It can be overwhelming and make you feel like giving up. Don’t. 

You will be following the story more often than keeping control over it. For a control freak like me, it was anathema. Trusting yourself to know where to go, what to write, how to write is crucial. Don’t brainstorm with others.

am writing
PS: can you too hear this picture in Morgan Freeman’s voice?

There will be copious amounts of sleeping after you have completed a major twist, or finished the manuscript or written something that you absolutely love. It’s just your brain recalibrating. Let it.

You’ll talk to yourself, ask people to do certain actions so you know if the left hand goes up or the right, and basically become an eccentric professor who’s working on his/her manuscript.

am writing

You’ll Google weird stuff like should it be poring or pouring, grammar rules, baby name generator, what is that thing called in the boot, parts of a gun, is that what a machete looks like, synonym for anger, lay vs. lie, etc. etc. I also used Google translate a lot…a LOT.

Everyone will hate you because you have basically become a hermit and want to but can’t talk about your story.

But oh well this is the profession you chose, and these are the eccentricities that come with it. For without them, would you really be a writer?

The whole of September, I will be sharing posts on things I have learnt about writing. I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

36 thoughts on “Non obvious things you should be prepared for when writing your manuscript

  1. Gee, that is intimidating and now I am also terribly intrigued as to what you’ve been working on! Is your book all ready? Maybe this series should be a book too! Not easy writing a book, is it?


    1. My manuscript has been ready for some time, just looking for a home for it. Thank you Kala you’re very kind but if I turn this also into a book, my blog will have very little posts 😀


  2. I have a big problem. Everytime I read a piece written by someone else my immediate reaction is, ‘oh God what a lovely bit of writing. Mine is lousy compared to this.’ With the result I end up feeling every writer in the world is superb to me. People tell me not to compare myself with others. But the problem is I really do not believe it is possible to stop comparing ourselves with others. The tendency to compare is inbuilt in our subconscious mind.


  3. I must say you are one crazy Netflix lover. I don’t particularly call myself a writer or an author, but I do face similar issues and challenges when I write a piece. Thanks for sharing this. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads


  4. I am in the same position as Jai, and lately been quite intimidated too. I feel everyone around me is a fantastic writer except me. However, ppl like and appreciate my work still, my mind is always clouded if they are praising it just for the heck of it.


  5. Oh does that happen with everyone, glad to know
    have been trying to write a story and its still incomplete with 20 drafts as every time I read an awesome story by someone, I hide my draft thinking this is not even worth reading.
    Thanks for sharing, loved the post


  6. lovely…there’s plenty of advice for writers and after reading your post i am pretty convinced that becoming a writer is no joke and not everybody’s cup of tea 🙂
    Thanks for your candid post and that that’s great insight into the mind of a writer, capturing beautifully the confusion and the dilemma !


  7. How true Suchita, I was nodding in agreement throughout and could I really agree more. I loved the part where you say we become hermits and sometimes zombies too when we prefer working on our manuscripts throughout the night 🙂


  8. This was such a fun engaging read that too for someone who doesn’t even have a manuscript (unless you count the ones in the head). Good luck with yours, hope you find it a great home soon.


  9. This article is extremely useful for any blogger wanting to become an author. Thanks for putting it together and I’m already inspired by many tips that you have shared. I already talk to myself so guess I’m headed in the right direction!


  10. What a lovely piece. There is a lot to learn from you and hence following your blog and reading your frequent posts would help me for sure. Writer’s block is a part of every writer’s life!
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads


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