In the deep of night
When the stars shine bright
In the early morn
As dew drops glitter
On a busy afternoon
I hear your heart’s song
Long forgotten…half remembered
A melody that dances
A memory that bursts forth.
On a balmy evening
As the sun bids its adieu
And the birds sing a farewell
I remember you.

Until the day breaks
And a new morn dawns
Then the memory fades
As the song retreats to its allotted box
Safe until needed again
It rests there gathering dust
to live another day.
When the recesses of the brain so decree
it all comes rushing back
the smile, the voice, the heart’s song
Taking my breath away
if only for a moment
As I remember you.

3 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. While writing this, I hope you smiled as much as I did while reading this. Writers are a curious lot, so you never know, but I would like it if you smiled. 🙂
    The way this remembrance never fails to shine a light on you when you feel light shrinking away, so much so that you don’t cover even as the day bids adieu, is delightful. 🙂

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