Blurb: Looking for inspiration but not in the mood to read long winded stuff? Insta Women: Dramatic Monologues by Drama Queens has real life poems straight from the mare’s mouth. Read 29 famous women’s stories, about the lives they’ve lived. From criminals to doctors, artists to feminists, you’ll find someone you identify with.

What instantly caught my attention about this ebook by Nupur was its title – Dramatic Monologues by Drama Queens. It had a tongue-in-cheek quality to it that was delightful and since I have become a little more interested in poetry, it seemed like a good place to start.

The poetry collection does not disappoint on the dramatic front one bit. Some of the women whose stories you know, you will instantly see the connections and it’ll make you chuckle through. Some, whose history you don’t know, you may not understand the complete background behind the poem but you’ll definitely understand the sentiment.

One sentiment that Nupur has repeated is, “Women today take for granted The freedoms we fought so hard to win.” It makes me wonder at my privilege on one hand and how much we are still fighting to reach a place of human dignity on the other. There will be more such contemplation you’ll go through as you read this ebook.

The poems do take on a similar hue as you go down the list so I’d recommend you take breaks and come back to them so you can really appreciate the amazing job Nupur has done of not only bringing the stories of so many women alive but doing it in verse! A mean feat that.

Favourite Poems:

  • Hazrat Mahal, the Begum of Awadh
  • Khutulun, Mongol Warrior Princess
  • Nancy Wake, Jane Bond
  • Bonnie Parker

For their sheer badassery and everything they accomplished.

favourite lines:

“Am just glad my words Led to deeds.” from Ernestine Rose, Queen of the Platform.

“Dreaming, after all, Is a form of planning.” from Gloria Steinem, Quote Queen

“Women who suffered doubly as I had Leered at in life and hung on walls. My women killed men on canvas Waiting for that to happen IRL too.” from Artemisia Gentileschi, Awesome Artist

You can download and read Nupur’s ebook here:

Nupur Maskara's Insta Women

Written as part of Blogchatter’s Book Review Program.

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