“This is your fault!”

“What did I do?”

I rolled my eyes as she smiled apologetically.

Feeling sorry for me for the slump my writing was in, she had spoken the most intelligent words ever to have come out of her mouth, “Let’s do something adventurous. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least it’ll give you a story.”

Sound advice but not when you have a crazy friend like mine. After taking an introductory course, assuring me she had passed the test, she took us sailing in the middle of the sea and guess what? The dinghy’s engine stalled, we had no network, and no way of reaching the shore again. Short-sighted…that’s what my friend was. And me, how about plain stupid?

“Look, look, someone is coming, wave, damn you, wave.”

Waving, I sighed with relief. Of course someone had come to rescue us! If trouble followed my friend, help invariably followed that trouble. “Still your fault.”

“Hey you got your story, now smile and wave.”

Written for the prompt given by Sascha Darlington. Read more about Finish the story collaboration vol 2.

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The Gunslinger

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