It all began with a clip I saw of Graham Norton where Stephen Fry talked about how we have lost the hearth and we don’t gather around for storytelling anymore.

And then I read Norse Mythology, remembering what Stephen Fry had said and I instantly visualized me with a lot of unknown kids, sitting around a campfire and Neil Gaiman [who looked suspiciously like Neil deGrasse Tyson from Cosmos] narrating the stories as I flipped the pages.

It was an evocative picture my brain painted and from that arose the theme for the A to Z challenge 2019 – myths and legends.

I do want to warn you that none of these are retellings of any mythology. They are tales remembered from childhood, tales read, and stories overheard in crowded trains…these are fragments that are lodged in my brain given a facelift by the ever present, dictatorial muse.

As always, I hope at the end of each tale you leave entertained and I am able to tell 26 stories that find some space in some pantheon, some day.

A to Z is a daily blogging challenge scheduled for the month of April and after completing it successfully in 2017 and 2018, I’ll be attempting it again this year. Come back for some scintillating tales about nature, nurture and humans come this April. See you there!

  1. The one true arrow
  2. The legend of the Bargad
  3. The cat and the fool
  4. The doll in the mansion
  5. The enchantress Nyx
  6. The furies
  7. The golden dragon
  8. The bleeding heart
  9. The inscrutable Mr. Inktoop
  10. Jadugar ka pitara
  11. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
  12. The last lament
  13. The curse of the mango
  14. Nemesis: the making of
  15. The old woman’s good fortune
  16. The prophet
  17. The queen rises
  18. The relic
  19. The myth of the silver snake
  20. A transcendental affair
  21. Unbound
  22. The never-ending tale of violence
  23. How watermelon got its seeds
  24. Xenograft
  25. Can we go back to yesterday?
  26. A zebra’s stripes

20 thoughts on “#AtoZ Theme Reveal 2019: 26 Myths and Legends

  1. Wow, Suchita! That’s bravo! I would definitely be interested in reading your posts regarding this theme because I’m crazy about mythology! Yay! Happy A to Z! 🙂


    1. Thanks Shalini 🙂 Though they will rarely follow one myth and are more of an amalgamation of Hindu, Norse and Greek with a little bit of Shakespeare thrown in!


  2. Good luck! Hope you mix the different mythologies judicially. I’ve read few crossovers which had missed the mark entirely. Will be following this one for sure.


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