You came at me – unbidden
Robbing me of any semblance
Till I was a blathering fool
Left alone to deal with the carcass.

Of all the good things I had adorned myself with
What was left behind was an empty shell
Could it be that easy to rob someone of their beliefs?
Could one bad seed spoil an entire harvest?

Is it fair that something that took so long to build
Should fall and flail and fail so spectacularly…easily?
For how long am I to maintain a bullet proof exterior
To keep the easily extinguished fire of desire?

Is there an end to this treachery, heart
That you so frequently indulge in
To the detriment of oneself, no other?
What is the purpose of this suffering?

Like a dog I end up chasing my own tail.
Who does this entertain, I wish I knew
I would ask them then to change the channel
And leave me to my gloom, doom and bloom.


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