You would hope, think, assume that the hardest part of being a writer would be writing. In case you missed the heavy dose of sarcasm in that line, let me tell you, writing is the easiest part of being a writer!

Perhaps then the title is wrong. Because these things you don’t think about till you haven’t migrated from an anonymous word document to a blog – whether self hosted or otherwise – and no being an Instagram poet doesn’t count under what I’m talking about *here* Maybe a more appropriate title would be things you don’t find out about writing till you’re in so deep that “going over would be as hard as returning.” But then what kind of a title would that be?

If I have your interest piqued, here are things I wish I knew before I started down this dark, meandering, mysterious path:

  • Waiting

They say sitting is the new form of smoking, which basically means it can kill you. If there was something that could kill a writer – apart from researching something no normal human would, or writing about someone who happens to have ‘tu jaanta nahin mera baap kaun hai’ type connections – is the waiting.

  • Networking

If you are anti-social like me and thought writing would be the perfect opportunity to get away from the maddening crowd, spend some quality time with words rather than people, the joke’s on you. Like any other profession, if you want to go anywhere, you got to meet people, you got to talk to them and lo and behold you also have to sell yourself to them *shudders and decides to quit yet again*

  • Make an effort

Ha ha ha ha so you thought ha ha ha that starting a blog he he he would be enough to get you an audience who will magically love you and make you lol lol lol a millionaire? Read points 1 and 2 and go jump in the well.

  • Hobby-less

Remember when you used to write as a hobby? Yes you got this brilliant idea to turn it into something more. Now, you not only not have a hobby anymore, if your work also involves writing, congratulations you have turned into a writing nerd who does nothing apart from going click-click-click on their laptop.

  • All-consuming

Writing will consume you. Whether you are a serial plotter or a finish-one-then-move-onto-next-project person, writing is all you will ever think about going forward. Even when you are in the loo, or talking to someone or trying to lend a sympathetic ear, you. will. always. be. thinking. about. your. next. plot.

  • It’s a thankless job…

And a very confusing one if you really think about it. You write because you want to. You blog because you want an audience. And yet nothing they say, or don’t, satisfies you. You’re constantly running behind some sort of validation that proves you haven’t wasted the better part of your adult life pursuing a career that drove you to a cliff and threw you off…with glee.

Would I still have become a writer had I known all this? I can’t very well say. Do I have an alternative career which I think I could do if writing doesn’t get me the name and fame I want? Obviously. But the problem with that is it’ll always be an alternate career. So basically I am doomed. Hallelujah Suchita, I could have told you that right at the start – it could have saved you and the reader 5 minutes.


8 thoughts on “Things they don’t tell you about writing

  1. I am so anti-social that it reflects even in my writing and I have already made a sizeable number of enemies thanks to my blog. :))


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