This is what you get when you are a Marvel and Tolkien fan, especially after watching Infinity War and reading The Silmarillion.

If you want to blame/thank someone for this crossover, you have to find Smithsonian that has a course on edX that teaches you how to make your own superhero comic. This isn’t a comic, obviously, but rather a nod to those two greats above. Enjoy…or not…though mostly enjoy.

Will be following a Sunday and Thursday posting cycle this September. So check back for more!

Vol. 1 Issue #1: Shades…grey and black

Vol. 1 Issue #2: An old friend says hello

Vol. 1 Issue #3: On the plains of Garudwar

Vol. 1 Issue #4: Remember me

Vol. 1 Issue #5: Helcynth

Vol. 1 Issue #6: The darkness

Vol. 1 Issue #7: Mirroring

Vol. 1 Issue #8: Night and day

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.


36 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Shades and Abhor

  1. The agenda is set then 😀
    I haven’t read The Silmarillion though. I’ve seen the LOTR movies and loved them. Have read and enjoyed The Hobbit and oh, I’m a Marvel Fanatic!


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