Meet Rishidhar Arpita Dinanath Hose Agarwal – Radha for short. He is a thirteen year old boy with an active imagination – so active that he had to be kept back in the seventh grade because he couldn’t rein it in for the requisite twenty-one hours; the time taken by examinations. As a result he’s the oldest in his class – much to the amusement of his classmates new and old, much to the chagrin of his grandparents, much to the resignation of his teachers and much to the nonchalance of his parents.

Fed on a continuous diet of Sherlock Holmes, Famous Five and Secret Seven, he fancies himself to be a detective-in-making. With two of his faithful sidekicks – named Watson and Timothy after his favourite characters – he solves crimes and saves the damsel all the while studying and trying to remember what electromagnetism is, how to find x, what a cell membrane is and what complex sentences are.

A lanky boy who is suddenly going through a growth spurt, none of his classmates (with the exceptions of Watson and Timothy, and Energee bhaiya and Sheetal tai) feel comfortable around him. They at once feel stupid and intelligent when confronted with Radha and can never keep up with the string of words that come out of his mouth.

Follow Radha on his adventures this April as he solves cases that can arise only in his school because he is only thirteen and isn’t allowed to travel on his own yet. He’d be solving cases in other schools as well but for that little detail. (Also he wouldn’t have the support of Watson and Timothy outside his school compound and he refuses to take on cases that cannot involve them.)

A to Z is a daily blogging challenge scheduled for the month of April and after completing it successfully last year, I’ll be attempting to take it up again this year. I am really excited about my theme and I hope I can do it justice.


  1. The curious case of the half-eaten apple
  2. Where is the bottle?
  3. The broken cup
  4. Who kicked the dustbin?
  5. Room in the elephant…?!
  6. The message in the feather
  7. Behind the closed gate
  8. Radha my hero
  9. The spilt ink
  10. The crime of the sticky jam
  11. A kiss
  12. An apology letter
  13. Energee bhaiya’s magic Maggie
  14. What lies beyond the nest
  15. Mission operation assembly one
  16. What does it have in its pocketses?
  17. Quarrel
  18. The silk ribbon
  19. Of lies and secrets
  20. Taunting the beast
  21. It is a truth universally acknowledged
  22. Vengeful fury
  23. Pop goes the weasel
  24. Suspect X
  25. Blaming you
  26. Starting from zero

Bonus reads:

  1. The detective’s apprentice
  2. Seventh day of the rising sun

23 thoughts on “#AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal 2018

  1. This is surely one of the most intriguing themes of AtoZ I have seen so far. So looking forward to reading what Radha will be up to this month 🙂 All the best.
    Here’s my theme


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