Every time I would read a book, I would have only one wish – to meet the author and ask them where they found the inspiration to write what they wrote. As an inexperienced writer, I truly believed that inspiration was a goddess that visited only those who had been anointed by some special oil. And all I wanted to do was pick apart the brain of an author I admired and figure out how to do this writing thing.

It was only when I became a content writer three years ago and people started asking me how I could write a blog in one hour with nothing but a title to guide me I realized I had no answers to give. I could only shrug and say, ‘this is my job.’

But I still thought that inspiration was a place I couldn’t reach because I wasn’t worthy, or whose address I had not been given. I did not even then understand what the word ‘inspiration’ actually meant.

More than a hundred posts on my blog, two years of constant writing and a manuscript later, I think I have finally understood that inspiration does not lie in the extraordinary but the ordinary. Inspiration lies in the every day, in the details, in what moves you put together of course with your insights. I have now come to a point where a word or a scene can spark off a chain of events and before I know it, I have already typed a few hundred words.

Blogging taught me that inspiration is just waiting for you, at every nook and cranny, every breath, tears and laughter. All you have to do is grasp a thread and follow it.

March is my one year blogiversary month! And I am going to celebrate by penning down what I have learnt in this one year. Stick around for more.

It's my one year blogiversary!


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