A writer is a vichitra (bizarre) human being. They claim that they have the best job in the world but there is no other who curses it more than them. They tell you they cannot imagine doing anything other than writing and if it is taken away from them, they would probably stop breathing. In the same breath though, they will tell you that they rue the day they decided to become writers.

So how do you spot a writer? I’m so glad you asked! Here is a handy guide:

If you see them staring fixedly at a computer screen, it isn’t because they are having a fit or they have fallen asleep with their eyes open, it is because they cannot decide if a comma should come before or after a word to provide the required impact.

If you see them in their PJs, munching chips with headphones on, they aren’t taking a break from writing – oh no – they are simply doing some research.

If you see them sitting on a chair staring into space, they aren’t deep in thought. Their mind has just stopped chattering for a blissful few seconds and they are simply enjoying that silence.

If you see them gesturing animatedly at a screen or at a mirror, you do not need to rush them to a doctor or ask them if they are in pain or angry. They are trying to figure out how to write the action in words.

If you see them in tears, it is mostly because they have sent out a tweet that is so erroneous they cannot believe that they could make a mistake as stupid as this. Even if they have deleted the offending tweet and sent out a new, error free, *double, triple checked* tweet, the horror of that mistake will haunt them.

If you see them eating chocolate, they could probably use a hug because either their characters aren’t behaving or the awesomtacular post they wrote is doing poorly.

If a writer tells you everything is fine, take them out for a walk or a movie. They sometimes forget that there is a world out there that exists beyond their mind, beyond their screen, beyond their words, even beyond the grit they have poured into their characters and stories.

And if ever you have the urge to tell them to describe something since they are so good at writing – just don’t. If we were any good at talking, we wouldn’t be spending our time hiding behind a screen, pouring our thoughts out to a page because it is easier.


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