The door opens and I walk in, almost in a daze. I get a few smiles – from a guard to my left who seems to understand exactly what I am feeling…like he has been here long enough, observing similar souls with similar expressions.

Another is from a saleswoman to my right, standing there like a sentry, protecting her charges with all the fierceness befitting a lioness protecting her cubs.

One I get from my sister – at once exasperated, amused and laughing. She knows that once I have entered this hallowed hall, getting me out will be difficult.

But the best smile is on my face as I enter this wondrous place. I had been searching for home in the wrong places. This…this is what home was.

I see the colourful spines, waiting to be caressed. I choose one at random and open it. As I begin to read the first line, I enter a new reality; one where I am at once alone and surrounded by different but familiar friends. A reality that I create with the help of the written word in a place that is mine without contest.

As I take this headlong plunge into a world that is mine and yet not mine, I am transported to a state of being close to contentment and happiness.

When a book, an unpretentious piece of object can do all that for you why would you want anything else? So this Valentine’s day, I’d gift myself a book – and perhaps some time and quiet – so I may spend it in the company of two of the most exalted people: a book and myself.

Written as part of #ChatterPrompts



4 thoughts on “A gift for me

  1. Books have that kind of effect on a bibliophile, which no normal person can understand or related to. I loved how you wrote it all down. Loved the line- ” I see the colourful spines, waiting to be caressed. I choose one at random and open it.” It was like I could almost imagine it doing. 🙂

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  2. I was not a born reader (you know what I meant) but I have developed that habit over a period of time, only from past 5 years, and now I love reading. So I can relate both kind of feelings expressed by people, the love-hate types, when I tell them I am too busy with a book to attend a kitty!
    Loved your style of expression.


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