A dab here, a brush stroke there
Perfect face. Now a touch of red,
Some flowery scent, a quick head tilt
And all is in place.

Go out there, entertain the crowd
Go out there, bask in the applause
Go out there, lose yourself
Go out there to break, to recreate.

Back, back to the green room
Get the cream and cotton out
Dab, wipe, dab, wipe
Half face done.

But wait right there!
Under the harsh yellow light,
With makeup on and off
Who is she?

Without the stage and the audience
Who is she?
Without the applause and adulation
Who is she?

With makeup on and off,
Who is she?
Is she the mask of makeup – ON
Is she the mask behind makeup – OFF.

For December, I will be writing stories based on prompts I have gotten from friends, family, friends of friends and some generous people on Twitter. Thank you Mrinil for this prompt.


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