Since #MyFriendAlexa kicked off, I have been trying really hard to stick to a schedule of posting every Tuesday and Saturday. I had thought that would give me enough time to think and I’ll also get back to regular posting. Since I have replaced the words motivation and inspiration with discipline in my writing vocabulary, this set scheduling is perfect. But things have their way of working out, which is rarely working out according to plan.

Here is a glimpse of the writing process:

Tuesday evening, after clicking the publish button: Phew that was a close call. Almost didn’t make it there. *Looks at the calendar* Okay three days to Saturday, I have time to think.

Wednesday: Let me look at what I have planned for this month. Oh I am supposed to share a reading extract. Nah, let’s think of something else.

Thursday: Oh god, only two days left. I can’t think. I CANNOT think, it’s like a blank page inside my head.

Okay I need a break. I need to think. I still have tomorrow. I will think now and write tomorrow. It’ll all work out. Yes. Good idea. Brilliant idea.

Friday: Evening. I have work now. Have to write an article for the client. Besides I prefer writing in the evening in any case. Yeah, I can feel it. Evening. It is…

Suchita just shup up, open the blog and start typing.

Oh…urm…yes ma’am.

*Writes three words, deletes, writes more, saves in draft*

I’ll come back to this in the evening.

Friday evening: YAY it is Friday that means no work tomorrow! I can stay awake until late and sleep until late. YAY!

*Blog post beckons*

Can’t write right now. It’s Friday night, have to watch a movie or a show or read or something. Have to celebrate the end of the week.

Saturday morning: FUCK it is Saturday. I am supposed to post today. Oh my god. Oh my GOD. Suchita you are such a mindless buffoon.

*Looks in the mirror, gets two ideas for a blog post*

Should I write one on how a blog post gets written or one on the 10 things I hate (since I did one on things that make me happy). Hmm decisions decisions.

*Opens blog and starts to type*

You know what, I’ll write both. It can stay in my drafts or I’ll keep it for Tuesday.

Now to find the perfect image.

Now to find the tags that explain this meandering blog post.

Now to share it on social media. Oh god, this is such a long process…

And there you have it folks. A long post on how a post gets written. This is sort of like Inception ain’t it? I love it!


4 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Blog Post

      1. Great! Whatever works , works . I write every day, sometimes twice a day but it makes no difference to ranking or footfalls . I still haven’t found the right formula 😦


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