She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel securely around herself. Before exiting the bathroom, she rechecked that all the curtains were tightly drawn. Leaving the bathroom door ajar to light the otherwise dim room, she padded across her bedroom and sat on the bed with a sigh. It wasn’t a happy sigh, nor was it relieved or sad – just an in-between space.

A light breeze from the fan caressed her arms and she shivered. She quickly turned to the left to ensure the bedroom door was locked too. Though she had checked many times before entering the bathroom, you could never be too sure. She sighed again, this time definitely feeling happier.

There was nowhere she had to be, nothing she had to do so she continued to simply sit there and enjoy the solitude. There was something deeply calming about the dimly-lit room, the air drying after a hot shower and the door shut to the world outside. It was times like these where she had no thoughts running, jumping, shrieking that she cherished the most. It was almost a reverential silence, a silence that demanded a quietness and blankness hard to achieve in any other circumstances.

The soft buzz of her mobile shattered the perfect silence. She closed her eyes and let out a breath, thinking if it was worth the effort of checking who had pinged. Her eyes flew open when her phone buzzed again, this time almost angrily. She shook her head – the world beckoned.

The chat lit up with ten messages. They were sent by one person, in CAPS to emphasize the point. Her flatmate was going through boyfriend troubles (again) and needed her help to sort out her spiraling love-life.

She sighed. This was a frustrated mingling of reconciliation with the shards of that broken peaceful silence, a jab that was at once accusing and understanding.

When the front door shut with a loud bang she jumped. She had thought she’d have longer but it was not meant to be; not today. Her door reverberated with urgent knocks.

“Babe you there? We need to talk.”

She could hear the tears in her flatmate’s voice. This would be a long session then. More of the same litany, more tears, more ‘I am so done this time’ and just more, more, more.


“Give me a minute,” she finally replied.

Preparing herself for the onslaught, she dressed quickly. Before unlocking her door, she turned around one last time, trying to recapture the stillness from a few moments before. The stillness assured her it’ll be there, waiting, while she dealt with the drama of a disappointed heart.

She smiled finally, looking at the slight damp dent in her mattress where she had sat in her wet towel. “I’ll be back,” she whispered and quietly slipped out.


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