“When you write something, you focus your full attention on it. It’s almost impossible to write one thing while thinking about another.”

[Dark Matter, Blake Crouch: Chapter 10]

Do you have moments while reading when the book is fine, you are enjoying it but you just can’t seem to really get into it – at least not the way you usually get into books? This is what happened while I was reading Dark Matter. It had a fascinating premise, the science was complex and exciting and yet I could not sink my teeth into it.

I almost let the book go then. But a part of me insisted that I continue. I fought this voice but didn’t stop reading it. And boy was I glad.

This was one book which when it ended, I was left feeling satisfied.

Here’s another taste.

“What a strange thing to consider imagining a world into being with nothing but words, intention and desire.

It’s a troubling paradox – I have total control, but only to the extent I have control over myself.

My emotions.

My inner storm.

The secret engines that drive me.

If there are infinite worlds, how do I find the one that is uniquely, specifically mine?”

 [Dark Matter, Blake Crouch: Chapter 10]


2 thoughts on “#ExtractShare – Dark Matter

  1. What a coincidence! Right now, I’ve just begun reading “Dark Matters”, finished off almost 20% of the book and liking it along the way. Loved the excerpt completely.


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