Looking in the mirror
I saw an image that did not belong to me
There stood a young girl
With a smile on her face, stars in her eyes
And the world at her feet.
Who are you I asked a little perturbed
She looked familiar but still so different.

She said I’m your soul
Whom you seem to have forgotten
In your race against time to win all battles.
Remember we played hide and seek
As we rejoiced in the simple pleasures of life
With food, sleep and dreams
As our constant companions.

No no don’t remind me said I
Of the days that are gone
I was a different person then
But now I have evolved.
For better or worse, she asked
And I responded with a smile
There is no better or worse just movement.

Dividing your life between good and bad
Is a waste of time, said I
For all meaning comes from both the sides.
You truly have become your person, said she
If ever you forget this lesson
Knock on the inner door and here I’ll always be
To remind you to live as it should be.

The credit of this poem’s rhyme goes to my mother.


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