So I knew what Alexa was, I was informed of its significance while working at an agency, but I didn’t bother with it till I started to read about My Friend Alexa Season 1 on Blogchatter’s timeline and how successful, etc. it was. I got curious and when I get curious…oh well let’s just say I open the can of worms.

Naturally I decided to participate in Season 2 and as are things with the universe, it came at the right time – when I didn’t have ‘working on my manuscript’ as an excuse to ignore my blog. As an aside, working on your manuscript is a perfectly EXCELLENT reason to ignore just about everyone. It demands that kind of commitment after all. That’s why the muse is a goddess and writers her humble servants.

Any who, this post is about learnings so here goes:

  1. Writing 8 posts a month is not too difficult – especially when you don’t have clients breathing down your neck or an AWOL business associate or yoga that just makes you want to enter a hole and die because of all the muscles screaming in pain that you have ignored for 50,000 years
  2. Commenting and community building are a HUGE part of blogging – so that means I have to build a bridge from my little self-sufficient island to the mainland
  3. You can actually share blogs you like to read on on your Twitter handle – amazing what technology can do!
  4. To keep a steady Alexa rank, all you have to do is blog – isn’t that an amazing insight? (goes into a corner because she had thought it’d be more than that)
  5. Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I *can* write – for this I must thank my readers, especially those who took the effort to comment on post(s)

Five is a good number so I’ll stop. Don’t want to overwhelm myself with my smart brain. Do I really need to thank you Blogchatter? Yes? Okay – THANK YOU for the hand holding, strictness and the planned sessions (really excited about those). I think I am starting to understand what you mean by ‘better’ blogging. When’s the next challenge?

From a 9 million Alexa rank to 1.8 million worldwide rank and a 61 thousand India rank I’d say this was a huge success. I hope to keep up the momentum.


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