A well-made cup of tea

It is easy to get this wrong. The tea leaves, sugar and milk have to be put in the right quantity, time and order. You mess up the order, you mess up the taste. How do you make the perfect cup of tea? You be patient and let the water boil. Add tea leaves ONCE THE WATER IS BOILING. Let it simmer for a minute. Add sugar and milk. Let it simmer for another minute. Serve with goodday biscuits.

A well formatted Word Document

I have a thing for a document that is well-spaced and justified. You may laugh but it is a skill that few have. And I learnt during an internship that a well formatted proposal is half the battle won. My mentor specifically praised my skills at how I had formatted it. I was very proud.

Staring at perfectly manicured nails

They look so clean and neat and pretty and you also start to feel pretty!


It took me some time to figure this one out – I had no credit card and hence no way of paying for the service (by the way Netflix, consider this as feedback). Until an angel in the form of MP chose the 4-screen payment method. Now I simply leech off of her (and my sister leeches off of my leeching).

Staring at and holding books

It almost feels like meditation – looking at them. And holding them makes me feel safe, like they are my anchor.


Not in a million years I would have thought I’d say this but yes, exercising makes me happy *now someone kill me* Although my favourite asan is shavasana. I will have you know, people find it quite a challenge to just lie there and breathe. Me? I love it!


Don’t listen to the Suchita who wrote the yoga bit. It is a lie (though not a complete one). How do you know if the food is good? If no one is talking and intently staring at their plates, that’s how you know.

So this is my list. What makes you happy?

Starting September, I will be trying to commit more to my blog by following an editorial calendar. This is a part of Blogchatter’s challenge – #MyFriendAlexa – to better your blog’s Alexa Rank by the end of the month by #BetterBlogging.

Current Rank: around 9 million


42 thoughts on “Things that make me happy

  1. That’s quite a list. But there are a lot many things that make you happy and not just these.

    So 9 million. I am right behind you in that aspect. 9.8 Mil. So, I guess the competition is on. πŸ˜›


  2. Thats quite an intriguing list. The tea thing is always a challenge- getting the right proportion. For me writing, enjoying my favourite Chinese food, seeing a dress I have been eyeing since long on discount makes me happy. Just some of them!


  3. The list that make you feel happy is really wonderful but many things still can be add. Good food, and a perfect masala tea is on the top in my list. These little things are enough to make us happy. Great article dear. #minreads#myfriendalexa


  4. Food can completely relate to that part. I often ask my husband that he didnt even tell me how was the food today. And he would say if a person is too busy and engrossed in eating consider yourself as chef of the day πŸ™‚


  5. Even I am very particular about formatting word document. I am also strict about font size and style πŸ™‚
    And I have recently started yoga and it makes me happy too πŸ™‚


  6. Many of the things mentioned in it are my favorite too. I have been contemplating on the yoga bit though, I am too lazy and I think I might love Shavasana too hehehehe. I loved the way you write with such ease and I think that is why people connect with your writing.


  7. Woah! Now that’s one fine list which only a person with great conviction and dedication can prepare it. Well, I’m just average when it comes to word formatting. Guess, am a lazy soul. Hence, I agree point to point with on food and shavasan part. I loveeeee food and sound sleep. 😬 Loved reading this post, Suchita! Also, mist tell you, I like design of your blog. It”s simple yet beautiful. 😊


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