Dear I don’t know what I am doing with my life younger-self,

The only dream that is worth pursuing is one that won’t leave you alone. Pay attention to it. Believe in that when you can’t find the wherewithal to believe in anything else.

Waiting until you’re older and wiser is a stupid plan. Experience, age and knowledge will only batter that self-confidence. You only need courage.

Don’t listen to them. They don’t know better. If you have to, find a way to work with them but don’t let go of your silly dreams.

You don’t need self-belief. It is an elusive feeling that comes and goes. Instead of battering yourself for being riddled with doubts, do. Be. Fight. Give up. Fight again. That should be enough to shut up the bitch.

There is no substitute for hard work or prayer. They go hand-in-hand. Pray, bless your dreams but don’t forget to work for that dream. For how else will the powers above know where to shower their blessings?

Everything you have lived through – every triumph, every scar, every frustration – will ultimately help you get there. Don’t begrudge them.

Don’t make a Plan B. If you aren’t certain of Plan A; make a Plan A that you’re certain of. Making so many plans will only divide your resources.

It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay. Use it as a mantra. Repeat it to yourself when things are spinning out of control. It won’t solve your problem but it will calm you enough to be able to think of a solution.

Oh one last thing – I love you.

Your older still not wiser self

This was written as part of a writing ‘contest.’ Not a big fan of open letters myself, I almost dismissed the contest. But when I put hand-to-keyboard, this emerged. Nothing came out of the contest but this letter – words I am learning to live by.


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