I was late to the Harry Potter bandwagon. I started reading from the fourth book and I was enchanted and thrilled and *please add more adjectives as I take a pause to appreciate the beauty that was The Goblet of Fire* I couldn’t put that book down and I remember I was at the whole Barty Crouch Jr. reveal when guests came over. I had to keep disappearing from time to time because I. Simply. Had. To. Know. how it would end before school the next day.

The amount of fights I have had with my parents over buying said books were unbelievable. By the time I bought the fifth one (a pirated one, hence it doesn’t feature in the header), I already knew half the story. So I was better prepared for the sixth one’s release. I threw tantrums and swore I’d buy it myself before I got it…a week late. Despite precautions, some of the major plot points had already been spoiled for me – thanks to my evil classmates.

For the seventh part, there was no fight. I had ordered dad to buy one while I was in school. When I came back, there was a neat parcel kept on my study table. Dads I tell you – who else will save you from moms, no? I had only the weekend to finish it before Monday and before those classmates could surface and spoil another ending. When I read the last line of DH, there was this pause, like time had stopped. And there were tears…lots of tears.

Ah it has been a decade since DH and Harry Potter has become my go to place for when things are out of control. I reread it when I am feeling down and in desperate need of an anchor. It’s “my downfall, my muse, my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues.”

But the best story revolving around Harry Potter? I found my friends because of a shared passion for Hogwarts, wiz and witchards and evil villains. We have even made plans on how we will introduce our kids to this world. We have had debates on whether they should be allowed access to all seven at one go or should they be made to wait as we had to so they can appreciate it more. We have even discussed disowning our future children if they fail to love it as much as us.

I think there is one word that might capture what Harry Potter is. It is home.





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