Why did I pick this eBook?

The eBook was titled ‘writing tools’ and the author has some 17 years of writing experience. Also the cover and the overall look and feel of the eBook was professional and that told me I will benefit if I read it.

What’s so great about it?

It is easy to read, has some great insights with a dash of unexpected humour, and a ready-made cheat sheet to help you market your book better.

Though there are more marketing tips than writing tips, I really enjoyed reading how to create characters using personality tests and numerology. It is a handy tool which will save you a lot of heartache when you are crafting characters. It will also give you existing literature to dig into and write conflicts when two different personality types clash.

Another tip from Cheryl is to use placeholders when you’re unsure of names or require research but don’t want to do an immediate internet search to break the writing flow.

I tend to not write further till I have found the perfect name for my character. I connect names with personality traits and hence find it impossible to go on till I have found a name. Perhaps I can use the two tips for character sketches!

Great, where can I find this book?

Glad you asked. The eBook is available for a free download from: Writing Tools, 26 Tips on How to Improve your Writing by Cheryl Sterling

The above Book Review is a part of the Review Program for the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. To read and download more books from the carnival, click here: Blogchatter Ebook Carnival Season 2

My entry to the carnival can be downloaded for free here: Mayank by Suchita Agarwal


2 thoughts on “#BookReview of ‘Writing Tools’ by Cheryl Sterling

  1. I’m reading this book now and I completely agree with you. Easy, quick guide to be a writer today. Yes, it’s true that more space is dedicated to marketing, rather than writing, but today a writer has to be their own marketing person too. So, good to get some advice 🙂


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