Do you believe in synchronicity?

The moment I had finished working on my manuscript (I shouldn’t use such misleading statements. The work on it is still ongoing but the story and plot-lines are in place and hence the statement) MP introduced me to this friend of hers who had some experience in publishing. He gave me a lot of extremely important inputs and one of them was to build an online presence.

I started to contemplate whether a blog might come in handy. And as I was thinking and scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across this account called Blogchatter that was running a writing festival. The words ‘blog’ and ‘writing festival’ immediately caught my attention. I thought, hey Suchita you have a lot of material now and you can, potentially, start a blog. So I did.

As they say, one thing led to another and I signed up for the A to Z Challenge after a lot of inner struggle. I had only shared my writing with a few select people and they had always loved it (but then they were family and they were supposed to love everything I did). Now, I’d be sharing it with the big bad world and what if I’m not as good as I had thought I was? But now the train has left the station and it will stop only at the next designated stop. So I might as well get on-board.

What did I like best about the challenge? The daily posting. Some of the story lines I hope to explore in the next 2-3 months wouldn’t have been possible without the challenge.

What did I like least? Ugh the daily reading. I love the blogs I follow but I could barely keep up with the daily posts. And then the guilt set in – if you’re not reading, how can you expect others to read. But at one point, I simply couldn’t keep up and I realized I was going nuts so I stopped completely. I plan to catch up on that reading…soon. Thing is, I have realized the biggest enemy of reading is writing and vice versa. I have to still find a balance between the two.

My favourite posts? Though choosing 1 out of 26 is hard, but I’d say I’m most proud of Finding Suchi as it made me laugh. The most surprising were Commala-come-come and Gunslinger because they turned out to be better than I had imagined.

What I learnt from this challenge?

  1. Inspiration is a myth. If you can come up with 26 posts with zero planning and all of them have the potential to be extended, all you need is discipline.
  2. Not everything you write will be spectacular. That’s okay.
  3. The brain is a curious object. It will think of the best ways to avoid your car crash of a plot when you’re asleep or your phone is far away so you cannot note it down, but will produce only gibberish when you have a pen and paper or a laptop in front of you.
  4. Every post you write has a life of its own. It will start where it has to and end where it has to. If you allow it to take its course (without letting your planning come in the way) you will have in your hand a beautiful piece of poetry or prose.

Thank you A to Z Challenge for reminding me how important an Editorial Calendar is (which seems like an awful joke considering I’m a content writer and that’s the first thing we come up with for any client).

survivor-atoz [2017] v1


2 thoughts on “I’m a Survivor – #AtoZChallenge Reflection Post

  1. I had the same reaction — there got to be so much to read and so little time. Just like you, I started feeling guilty when I couldn’t get to all the blogs. But you know what? People are pretty forgiving, and also pretty understanding. So dump the guilt and enjoy life. Have a great week! And KEEP WRITING!

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