The AtoZ is a yearly blogging challenge set in April. It is like a blog hop where bloggers, globally, blog for an entire month based on the alphabet (hence the title). Every post corresponds to the alphabet in some way and excepting Sundays, posts go out daily; which makes it 26 posts for 26 days.

This blogging challenge tests your writing abilities as much as how well you can plan and organize. On some days it feels like your adrenaline is on drugs and on other days you cannot wait for the month to be over! The first one taught me so many things especially about writing and blogging that I cannot wait to begin again.

To make it easier to write 26 posts, bloggers often choose themes on which their posts are based. Here are mine:

2017 – Stories

2018 – The adventures of Radha and his reluctant sidekicks

survivor-atoz [2017] v1survivor-atoz-2018-v1


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