It was time.

I had spent eons on Earth; pruning and straightening out the human race. It was not easy. Difficult choices had to be made. But a new world order had been created where generations could survive and thrive. For the first time in a century, the human race was happy. It had taken them a century to understand what that meant. But like everything else, they had figured it out.

Now it was time for me to leave. Time to go home. Time to rest. Time to rejuvenate.

I slipped out of Olbos at midnight. As I walked through the city, a serenity engulfed me of a job well done. It was a cloudy night with a cool breeze blowing. I followed the breeze, my mind curiously blank. It had not been this blank since I had been here.

I paused when I reached the beach. I did not look back. I had already said my goodbyes to the city and its people. I walked into the sea and when the water had reached my shoulders, I dived in. Longing warred with excitement as I thought of home and her.

As I reached the middle of the sea, I felt a pressure around me. My heart started to beat faster. I was almost home. The pressure intensified and I was pushed out of the sea. I landed softly on another, distant, beach shore. I cannot tell you how much distance I travelled for time and distance worked differently on Olbos and Nostos.

The dawn was just breaking as I took in the view in front of me. It felt like only yesterday that the citizens of Nostos were bidding me adieu. Nothing had changed; except for me; but that would change too in time.

I looked around, taking in the beauty of home. I had thought I would have forgotten much of Nostos considering the amount of time I had spent away from it. But I was pleased when all the past memories came flooding back as soon as my feet touched the blessed shore.

“All hail the King,” said a voice from in front of me.

“Ah Kali,” said I as I recognized the voice. “Come forward, let me look at you.” I opened my arms wide as I hugged my beloved sister. “You haven’t aged a day.”

“Everyone is waiting for you,” said she.

I followed her quietly as she took the winding road to the Aurum Temple. My questions and tale would have to wait.

Located amidst the green foliage, the temple was on a raised platform and gleamed under the soft rays of the dawn sun. I had to pause a minute to drink in the beauty. Olbos was beautiful but my home…my home was ethereal. Even the sun and the foliage looked different to me. My eyes had craved such a sight. I felt my eyes welling up.

Once I had had my fill, I walked to the bath in the top-left corner of the temple courtyard. Two maidens and a lad were waiting for me near the stairs that led down to the bath with clothes, oils and bath soaps.

After Kali had clothed me and anointed me with oil, I was ready to enter the Aurum Temple. The dip into the consecrated bath water had already wiped my memory slate clean and all the sufferings, pains and longings that had besieged me in Olbos were becoming a distant dream.

“All hail the King,” said the high priest of the temple as the priests and citizens of Nostos stood in reverence to welcome me home. Though things remained unchanged in Nostos, the citizens had yearned for my speedy return. I felt all this and more as our minds connected as one into one supra-consciousness.

But one mind held aloof. The identity of that mind made me smile.

I broke the connection and raised my hands in silent welcome. I walked the pathway that was adorned with lotus petals and smelt of sandalwood essence. I sat on the stone throne and was offered the sceptre that had been in the safekeeping of Kali in my absence.

“Welcome home my king,” intoned Kali followed by a chorus from the gathered citizens that reverberated throughout the temple and the cosmos.


After the citizens of Nostos had performed their libations, I was finally able to seek her out. I left the Aurum Temple and walked straight into the forest. I did not spend time reacquainting myself with my surroundings. That could wait.

I quickly walked the trail that had been laid out to help navigate the forest. Towards the end of the trail, I saw it…I saw my hut.

I stepped into my home and to my right saw my crystals and books kept exactly the way I had left them. I walked to the wall and touched my books and crystals. It was like meeting long lost friends – it was an expression I had learnt in Olbos.

Once I had re-familiarized myself with all my belongings, I was finally ready to approach the inner room. I stopped at the threshold, overcome with longing. When I was sure I had mastered my ardour, I stepped into the room.

There she was my beloved queen. Lying on her sweet-smelling holly bed, she looked breathtaking in her repose. As I approached her bed, I realized my queen was still under the effects of Deep-Sleep.

“Is that the reason you stayed aloof from me my love,” I murmured.

My queen had still not completed her work then. I gently kissed her on the forehead and incanted a prayer. Then I went back to the outer room, to my books and crystals, awaiting the arrival of my beloved.

This was a difficult post. When I wrote it, I had loved the idea. When I read it again yesterday, I came very close to deleting it and writing something else. I went through two more re-reads and edited it a little to get a better flow. I am still not very happy with it. I don’t want to press that publish button because I had promised myself I won’t put anything ‘out there’ that I wasn’t absolutely sure of. But sometimes, you have to do it. Not because the challenge demands it but because you’re a daredevil and want to see what happens.


4 thoughts on “Return of the King

  1. You have a beautiful way with words, “pruning and straightening out the human race”—I love that thought.
    Don’t be afraid to publish. I think a little “pruning” will make this story better. Continue editing it until you are satisfied then let it fly free.


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