“Okay that may have been a bad idea,” said Audacious sheepishly.

“You don’t say,” replied Sage annoyed.

“Don’t get angry,” whined Audacious, feeling guilty that she had dragged her sister into this. “Tell me what to do?”

“Oh so now you suddenly want to listen to me? I told you this was a bad idea. I told you not to invite him into the house. But did you listen? No! You never listen to me Audacious. That is your problem. You think…”

Audacious stared at her feet and looked properly chastised. It wouldn’t do to break her sister’s tirade. It also didn’t matter that she was right.

She observed the man on the floor, blood still oozing out of his head. It fascinated her that the human body could hold so much blood. If she tilted her head at just the right angle, she could almost believe that the man had simply passed out.

“Audacious,” said Sage, snapping her fingers to get her baby sister’s attention. “Did you listen to a word I said?”

“Yes I did,” said she, nodded her head earnestly. “You are absolutely right. I was irresponsible and foolish. Sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Sage stared at her sister, trying to read her expression. She knew the ‘listening’ was all an act but she also knew her sister was no killer. So if this unfortunate man had died, it must have been something he did and not what she did. You’d think after being alive for two centuries her sister would have gotten some sense. But not Audacious.

“What did you do to the poor guy?” she asked. Now that the lecture was over, she could focus on the important things. Like getting rid of the body.

“I didn’t do anything!”

Her tone of voice alerted Sage to her distress. She looked at the blue serpentine colour of her sister’s skin. Audacious’ lips, already ruby red, were dripping with blood, the man’s no doubt. But Sage didn’t show any sympathy. “You must have done something.”

“I think he touched this,” said Audacious showing the kyber necklace. The necklace gave the sisters the enchantments that allowed them to look like normal humans rather than the nymphs they were.

“Don’t lie to me sister!” exclaimed Sage loudly, her hair turning into snakes, her face taking on a bright golden glow. “Had he simply touched the kyber and seen you in your true form he may have died of a heart attack but that doesn’t explain the blood.”

Audacious shrank into herself. Her sister was truly angry now. “I…we…he got excited! He bit me and I bit…”

“WHAT?” Now even the snakes on Sage’s head were hissing with anger. The entire room seemed to dim as if she was sucking in the light.

“Did he taste your blood?”



“I don’t…no…he did not taste my blood.” He had been so sweet; saying such sweet things to her. Audacious had let herself get distracted. And his enthusiasm had been a nice change from the usual blithering idiots who couldn’t contain themselves once they had seen her beauty. He had been different. And so she had gotten distracted. Now he was dead.

“Are you sure, sister?”

“Do not patronize me,” Audacious snapped. “I know what I am talking about. I may have tasted his blood but he did not taste mine.”

Sage desperately wanted to believe her sister because the alternative would amount to treason and the penalty for that…she shook herself out of the black thought. “And what happened then?”

“He started to convulse…and then…I…don’t…that…he just…” said Audacious helplessly.

Sage was quiet for a time, thinking of the best course of action. They had spent only a decade on Earth and every day had brought with it a new obstacle. She still didn’t know why Audacious didn’t want to return to the rather sedate life of Vyzag. Earth was getting too troublesome and now this murder.

“We have to leave,” she said making an abrupt decision.

“What the country?”

Audacious was surprised. They didn’t need to worry about the police. They could obliterate the evidence and the memories of every person who knew this man. They would be in no danger. She scoffed at the very idea of danger. She was the danger…not this human.

“No you fool; the planet.”

“What, why? Earth is so much fun…humans are so much fun,” said she licking her lips. Humans had the sweetest tasting blood she had ever had. She looked at all the blood on the floor which could have been inside her. Such a waste, she lamented quietly.

Sage scrutinized Audacious with half-closed eyes. The snakes on her head had quietened as her anger had subsided but they were now whispering a warning to her. She wanted to leave because she didn’t want to be here to face the Raga Council that must have been dispatched by now to bring the two sisters to heel. But now, she knew she had to leave for a far more important reason.

“Audacious look at me,” she said quietly.

When their eyes met, Sage could see the tell-tale signs of the bloodlust. Not letting anything show on her face, she said, “We need to leave because August must be on his way. And if he finds us with this dead human, he will take us back to Vyzag.”

“So your plan is to what run from our brother and return to Vyzag before he can drag us there?”

“You, little sister, are in no position to make demands. But no we don’t have to return to Vyzag. We can go to Calamari instead. You do love the food there, don’t you?”

“I don’t know…” said Audacious petulantly. The blood…the smell…it was a potent aphrodisiac and Audacious could feel herself being drawn to it. She couldn’t think straight.

“Oh come now,” said Sage cajolingly, trying to break the bloodlust trance. “It has been thirty years since then…no one will remember.”

“Are you sure?” she asked in a small voice finally turning to look at Sage.

“Positive,” said she, her sense of urgency to leave Earth only multiplying with every minute they delayed.

“Okay,” said Audacious, her face clearing.

“You take care of the body and the memory wipe and I will clean up the blood,” said Sage, not wanting to let her sister stray near the human’s blood. “Then we can leave.”


“I cannot believe you let her out of your sight! After all that you suspected…how could you be so irresponsible?”

Sage wanted to scream and rage against her brother but chose to keep her mouth shut. As expected, August had come to the apartment within an hour of the human’s death complete with the royal guard. The only reason they hadn’t left was the absence of their baby sister.

“Now get up,” snapped August, “we need to find her before she creates another nuisance of herself. I don’t understand why the Raga Council simply won’t give the order to execute her…or to at least detain her in Vyzag.”

“If you touch her…” began Sage threateningly.

“You are in no position to make demands, sister,” said August quietly but the ice in his eyes gave away his anger. “Let’s go find her.”

I recently came to know ‘kyber’ powers the lightsabers while watching ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.’ I wish my characters were a part of that galaxy far, far away but for the time being, they are a part of an alternate dimension of our solar system.


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