Translation: Story of friends and friendships

I have five friends, close ones, the ones who really matter. We have been eating each other’s heads for the better part of fourteen years. We met in school and have held onto each other because we don’t think there are people with more weird philosophies or as many ‘quarter-life’ crises as us.

We may view our individual lives poorly but when one of us is feeling down, the rest of us become shrinks, philosophers, guides, jokers…whatever it takes to ensure the afflicted person doesn’t feel alone in their affliction. Sometimes, in the spirit of friendship, we even jump into the ‘what am I doing with my life’ boat instead of trying to pull the person out of the boat but it is all a part of the service we provide as each other’s self-proclaimed guardian angels and fools.

I remember in 2006 (gosh that was ten years ago), I had written a story of our life in school. I was going through it now to gain some inspiration for this post and I saw a chapter where I have introduced them. Here is a sneak peek:

AD – who was told she has rakshasi garn (most promising monster) in her patri. At one point in her life, she wanted to be a terrorist with an AK-47.

JD – who was rather proud that her initials matched Johnny Depp’s. All of us agree she is the nicest person you can be friends with.

MT – who at one time thought we should all emulate Daniel Radcliffe. One of our teachers said that MT can wrap anyone around her finger with her ‘feminine wiles.’

SB – the soft one…the quiet one. She has such gems hidden in her brain that when she speaks, she can shut us up for days.

MP – THIS is her introduction: she has brilliant ideas about marriage and clear aims in life that is missing in the youth today (I know MP; I am scratching my head too).

I am glad to report that ten years on, except a few things (like AD no longer wants to be a terrorist) we haven’t really changed a bit. Except our discussions have evolved from talking and imagining our future to what would you do if a hippo is chasing you (in case you’re wondering, hippos can run faster than humans despite their bulk), making up a prayer to the Lizard Lord (since MP is deathly afraid of them), and charming statements like ‘hum kare toh rasleela plants kare to boring Sheela’ (in MT’s defense, she was drunk). Translation, she was talking about plant sex (I did say she was drunk).

As SB said, we have different viewpoints when need be and we create a chaotic balance between us six since both chaos and balance are important for growth. And then to round up this discourse on dosti, MP said, between the six of us, we are highly evolved creatures.

I do dearly love my dost-log and our dosti and I was so moved that I penned the following poem in 2015 (I think) on the occasion of Friendship’s Day. We all agreed that it was quite a poor attempt at poetry writing and I should stick to prose.

Our harry potter obsession and all other obsessions

Our crazy talks

Our hopes, dreams and desires

No distance, no time zone can affect this bond

You guys are my one and truly only ones

Friendship Day ho, Valentine’s Day ya Republic Day

Your wishes are never far away

My mornings and nights start and end with you

You guys are my one and truly only ones

Happiness, anger, pride, sadness, grief, horni-ness

All burst through on WhatsApp

I know you are but a button away

What would I do if I hadn’t found you

You guys are my one and truly only ones

Darkness of days, bright simple nights

All blur into one big memory bank

These are mine…my precious

Yes my precious with the same golum-like my preshyious

You guys are my one and truly only ones

PS: I wasn’t being humorously self-deprecating. I am not a poet. My poems have no rhyme or rhythm but there are enough emotions, which only serves to make them tolerable for the people who they are written for.

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