I stepped off from the black and yellow taxi and my green eyes found the round black button-like eyes. I stood there, stunned. My breathing quickened as if I had just run a marathon. Even though the night was cool, I was suddenly sweating. It occurred to me that I was hot all over. Unconsciously my hands went up to undo the first two buttons of my shirt. The night air felt cold against my red-hot skin.

I tried to blink but the black eyes had captured me, pulling me in with their magnetism. I had never seen something so beautiful, so perfect…so…graceful and yet…so…dangerous. He glided towards me and I stopped breathing, my hand encircling my throat.

When he was just a few inches away, ready to lower his mouth to touch my exposed smooth skin, the magnetism broke and I ran, screaming all the way, while the snake hissed his disappointment at being cheated out of a juicy meal.


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