Clearly I am late to this party but better late than never…right…RIGHT?


To my followers, I’d have to go back on my promise to be irregular in my posting at least for the month of April. I am planning to take this (rather) arduous journey of posting a blog every day (excepting Sundays, please). Since it is called the #AtoZChallenge, the posts will follow a theme and the titles will follow the alphabet. This challenge is going to last 26 days (of course) and now to the theme these posts will *hopefully* follow…

Since I was a storyteller long before I became a writer, it seems appropriate that I choose ‘stories’ as my theme. The stories may be fiction, or my take on a story I have been reading, or a personal story.

Though I am looking forward to this challenge, I am also quaking in my shoes considering how difficult it might get. But then whoever said this…writing…would be easy?!

So adios for now and watch this space for more. Cheerio!


33 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

  1. Stories are always fun, and there is so much variety you can bring to the table by keeping it to a broad theme. All the best for the A to Z. It’s challenging, for sure. But super fun!


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