The new mommy

The door was wide open so Vishesh did not think he would be unwelcome. He had his favourite panda clutched in one hand as he stopped at his parents’ bedroom door. He couldn’t see daddy well but he could see his new mommy. She was asleep. Vishesh remembered her smile. The cookies she had baked yesterday and how she had let him eat one without a plate. Daddy had never allowed him to eat without a plate.

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Reason number five sixty one

Yuri didn’t want to be here. He really, really didn’t want to be here. But this wasn’t the first time his thoughts on a subject were discounted as irrelevant. So he tried to distract himself by staring at the wall in front of him. If his principal shifted just a little to the left, he’d be in Yuri’s line of sight.

He sighed, which echoed loudly in the still room. He hadn’t realized his principal had stopped talking and that three faces were looking at him, expectantly.

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The pink stuff

Veer was sitting on the porch, his arms were crossed across his chest and while his eyes were angry, his pouting lips showed he was more disappointed than angry. He had been asking mummy if the TV was fixed and she kept repeating the same thing, ‘not yet love. It will be soon.’

It was infuriating!

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The promise

She entered her bedroom and heaved a sigh, eyes closed, picturing the feel of the cool sheets on her bed and what a relief it would be to climb into them. The past three hours had drained her mental and emotional resources and she was looking forward to a quiet night.

But there was a surprise waiting for her when she opened her eyes.

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Well done

When Meera’s name was called out, she closed her eyes, breathing through her mouth, bracing herself for the news. Opening her eyes, she saw the smiling face of her math teacher and couldn’t fathom why Shagun ma’am looked happy.

“Well done,” she whispered as she handed the test paper to her student.

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Sound of silence

Prerna was humming to herself tunelessly when her son decided to poke half his head into the kitchen.

“Mom can you call Nikhil’s mom and tell her he’ll be spending the night?”

She kept aside the ladle she was using to stir the stew, switched off the gas and wiped her hands. She ignored the way her son rolled his eyes. With one hand on her hip, she asked, “When did Nikhil get here?”

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Today was a good day

As soon as the doorbell rang, Pari ran from the bedroom as fast as her little feet could carry her and clung to the nearest part of her father – his leg – she could find. Rudra, laughing, dropped his bag and umbrella in the interest of picking up his daughter, and swung her up in the air.

He almost dropped her when he heard her chanting da, da, da, in the midst of giggling. Clinging to her, he looked at his mother who had followed Pari.

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The thing about perseverance #MondayMusings

So I’m back because once again my friend MT (she’s different from MP by the way) has asked me to shed my pearls of wisdom for her benefit. Today we talk about perseverance.

Recently, because I hate myself, I started on this 31 day challenge of self-love and 6 days into it, everything is going hunky dory when we’re suddenly told to come up with at least 10 things we love about ourselves. It’s not a stretch to say it took me the entire day to make that list. In my defense though, I love that list and I’m quite proud of it. But I’m prouder of point number 7 i.e. perseverance.

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Lockdown lessons

Because I am also mainstream and if the numbers in Bombay are any indication, all has gone to shit in any case. Might as well clock down the lessons learnt before aliens decide they have had enough of our incompetence, hatred and violence and decide that colonizing humans is the only viable option to save earth and her species.

Lockdown lessons
Hanji aap log ghar par kyun nahin hai?
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