The thing about perseverance #MondayMusings

So I’m back because once again my friend MT (she’s different from MP by the way) has asked me to shed my pearls of wisdom for her benefit. Today we talk about perseverance.

Recently, because I hate myself, I started on this 31 day challenge of self-love and 6 days into it, everything is going hunky dory when we’re suddenly told to come up with at least 10 things we love about ourselves. It’s not a stretch to say it took me the entire day to make that list. In my defense though, I love that list and I’m quite proud of it. But I’m prouder of point number 7 i.e. perseverance.

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Lockdown lessons

Because I am also mainstream and if the numbers in Bombay are any indication, all has gone to shit in any case. Might as well clock down the lessons learnt before aliens decide they have had enough of our incompetence, hatred and violence and decide that colonizing humans is the only viable option to save earth and her species.

Lockdown lessons
Hanji aap log ghar par kyun nahin hai?
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How to build your patience

If there are two things anyone who has known me for any length of time will say, they are:
Oh my god you’re so tall
Oh my god how are you so patient?!

Well today, on popular demand (of my 5 friends) I shall reveal my golden sutras that can help you to build your patience too:

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Living with your Indian parents

I am 30 years old and I live with my parents. It is mostly out of choice, partly because they live in Bombay and why would I leave this city to live somewhere else, and 100% because I don’t have the finances to afford living separately.

Before I share by two-bits on how to live with your enthusiastic Indian parents, let me start by acknowledging my privilege:

  1. I don’t have to worry about groceries or vegetables or rent.
  2. I don’t have to prepare a timetable to feed myself. My mother usually cooks and all I have to do is get up at 1 PM and lay the table.
  3. My parents don’t let me contribute to the household expenses. They say it is their privilege that they don’t need to rely on their daughter’s money.
  4. Everything I earn is my own because I don’t need to spend it on essentials.

In a post COVID world, there may come a time where you are forced to move back home because of tight finances. This post, inspired by friends who are contemplating such a move, hopes to equip you for such a change.

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Underneath the skin

Every time you walk close to me
There’s a rushing sound in my ears
My heart starts to thud in my throat
And my limbs go languid so they can
Wrap around you to bring you closer.

As soon as chest meets chest
The harsh pants mingle want and
Tingles all over my body where I
No longer belong to myself and you
No longer belong to yourself.

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